Why AMD Ryzen 7 2700x doesn't support Pimax 4K?


My pimax’s Display is not so clear it doesn’t look like 4K. Why? and What can i do? My Piplay is transparent. i can’t read anything and PiTool is also transparent i can’t see anything. WHY? Please Help me. if i can not solve this problem my pimax will be trash. Please Help ME!


Since it’s a fairly recent cpu, the test isn’t up to date perhaps. Technically, the cpu is more than capable for VR with the 4K AND 8K.
For the transparency, could be a problem with areo glass settings in windows?


I will check later with my 4k. But yeah the dr pi tool likely hasn’t been updated for the ryzen 7 2700x.

I have this cpu & it’s great on the 8k.

Keep in mind if your thinking the p4k will be like a 4k TV. No as the per eye res is 2k*2k.

Otherwise your setup by dr pi looks like mine. Will test 4k in pitool.

What is transparent in the headset? What programs have you tried so I can check the same ones.


thank you so much guys for answering i will look windows aero i am just using a program that for transparent taskbar may be this program cause this problem.i will close then try it again thank you again. if i will success i will write again.


it’s same nothing is resolved. is there any body in here has a good idea? i disable taskbar transparention program but it’s still same


Are you by chance running pitool & piplay at the same time?

If so exit both & only run one of them. Later today will connect the 4k to my ryzen 7 2700x 1080 ti setup & test on pitool.

By your screenshots it looks like you have both running simultaneously. If so both might be running at windows startup. Disable this in both piplay & pitool.

You may need to summon taskmanager & kill up to 4 piserver processes.


I want to check if my CPU is ready for this, so I installed PiTool, but could not find the build-in Dr.Pi, only a diagnose button under Help, but it show totally different information. Any idea abt this? Thank you.


The check tool might not have this cpu


I mean how to reach that “Computer check” screen? I could not find Dr. Pi at all.


I don’t think there is one to check your pc specs in pitool.

Your on pimax 4k or one of rge new 5k+/8k headsets?

What are your pc specs?


By right I do not have a decent PC, only have an old server which has dual X5650 CPU, I have no 4K, still waiting for 5K+. The PO @digital_man show that screen “Dr.Pi”, which includes a “Computer check” function inside, I wonder how he get that function.


It might or might not have your current cpus in the dr pi check.

Maybe try downloading piplay. I don’t know if the main site has it or not but dr pi was available before to download as a standalone.

You might be alright with your server cpus depending on gpu.


Thanks a lot for the hint, I got the Dr.Pi from piplay 3.0, it is not included in pitool. If CPU is detected as not supported by Dr.Pi, does it mean we can not use Pimax HMD with this CPU at all? or just mean probably there are some compatibility or performance issue?
I am going to buy ryzen 2700X for 5K+, not sure if this is a right decision.


The Ryzen 2700x will be great. Was my upgrade from i5 6500 & its night & day.

Server processors are not as apt to be in the test program as they are not common consumer cpus.

As long as they have the correct instruction sets should be fine. Best way is to test it once you have a headset.

Dr Pi I believe is more for the 4k headset. Originally when Dr Pi came out it daid my r9 390 gpu was not upto it wjen it was new. It’s jist a beefier r9 290 with more Ram.