Why are most vr games looking like 90's graphics? No



I know, im kind of a newbie at VR, playing on a CV1 while waiting for LH’s and controllers. But why is it, while having mostly adults (who can afford a complete setup) that most vr games are at such a low graphic level? And besides, why are they so childish? I mean, beat saber, Budget cuts… I can name a whole list we all know… Am i missing a point here? I Just don’t understand, it’s not a Nintendo like platform, because most are adults who can afford such a system???
The only games i would enjoy (when i will have money for a gun stock, race setup is complete) are some flight Sims and shooters like Pavlov ( for the good old CS feeling/nostalgia) and Onward or Contractors and such… I cant really understand why most vr games are so terrible.
Most news about new vr games makes me cry in terms of graphics or gameplay.
No, i don’t like fruit Ninja or moss. Please make some good looking great aaa games.
Please correct me if im wrong :joy:


Cv1 & Og Vive the Resolution for one is low.

2160×1200 = 1080×1200 per eye.

Rendering costs being high games with simpler graphics are easier to hit 80 to 90 fps. More demanding titles often have to use reprojection.


Yeah i know, but why are demanding 2d games in my system running easy at Max settings in like 144 or more fps, and why when they need to be rendered just 2x is that suddenly a problem, with all the power we have today?


The thing is on a flat monitor you only have to render a small window of the world. The Pixel density is WAY higher.
In VR you Render 360 degrees on 2 eyes…Your Point of view represents your real life view. That means the pixel density is enormously lower…

Just have a look on a 4K normal video vs an 8K or even 12K 360 degree. The 4K flat looks always better…
To get the same quality as the 4K flat video you need like 16 K in 360 degrees and the displays that can display it.

And here comes the problem try to render that 2 times with textures and everything…

Today this is impossible and I think were are some (>5) years behind rendering at that level.


Ok i just thought that when looking left, right or behind, that things we’re rendered at the moment i do. Thanks, clear :grinning:


Actually I am not 100% if the whole 360 degrees are rendered any time. That may depend on the engine itself. But its so much bigger compared to a monitor… Details need to be much better and also the LOD (level of detail) from far objects need to be higher and that can kill performance easily…


VR is rendering in stereo at a high frame rate. If a game is poorly optimized, the PC must brute force all the stereo images. So, for example if you have a game that runs 1080p locked at 120hz in 2D without frame drops, in stereo, you would be running at about 60hz. 1080p 60 =18.7 milliseconds of latency from motion to image scan out. That threshold has to always be met in VR to achieve presence. IE the feeling that you are “there.”

You have to render a higher resolution to counteract barrel distortion from the lenses, so in VR its already more intensive. Add to that the fact that dropping frames too often increases nausea, so you need even more headroom.

So, VR today graphically tends to be about Xbox 360 level fidelity to maintain FPS and motion to photon latency.

There are things like asynchronous time warp that manipulate and re project existing frames, but its not as good as native locked frame rate.

Its basically VR best practices to maintain FPS over everything.


Thanks for replying, guys. I do understand now. This community is why i return here at the Pimax forums. I was just wondering and have the answers now. Only thing unanswered is why developers think that we love beat saber and so on.


Games like Beatsaber are easy pick up & play.

Think of how sucessful the Wii was at launch? Generally very easy to learn & active fun.

While some of us want the more complex games & game play. Simpler games have a much wider audience.


So you are saying that beat saber is childish?

Is going to a dance club childish? Is excercising childish?

Why is Budget Cuts childish? Is “Family Guy” childish because its a cartoon? Im not sure what you are expecting with this question as it seems highly opinion based.

You have mentioned a handful of games in an ocean of content, If you dont like beat saber dont play it. There are plenty of games like GORN, and Payday 2.

I think I know where you are coming from , I had a friend who said he didnt want to play Zelda Breath of the Wild because it seemed “childish” but that was his loss because its probably the best open world RPG ever released. And its really not childish at all.


To him? Yes it might be. Simply a preference. Granted maybe not the best choice of wording.

Maybe over simplified gameplay & simple graphics might be better. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


I don’t want to offend anyone who likes to swing a lightsaber at cubes, it bored me after 2 minutes. But like Helio says, it’s a matter of taste. I simply don’t like these kind of games because there is no engaging or interesting story in them and then the graphics…
I was never a Nintendo fan for the same reasons. The ps1 had more serious games and the Nintendo more childish games…It just doesn’t catch me. Like if i would like to play tennis, i would do it in reality. No need for virtual… The strongest experience i had till date in vr was lone echo. Graphically and gameplay and story-wise. And since English is not my native, i may have chosen not the exact right words to express how i feel about this :grin:


Sorry, I get triggered when I see a comment by one dude speaking for all of us.

Asking why developers “think” that “we” love beat saber? Is very presumptuous. It sounds like you are projecting your personal preference on to all of us. “You” don’t like Beat Saber most of us must not like it too is how that statement reads.

Newsflash Beat Saber is one of the highest selling VR titles ever , many love it.

Why does EA make so many Battlefield games, we hate them.

Why does Ubisoft make so many assassins creed games , don’t they know we hate them?

Why does 2k make Fifa every year ? Why do they think we like soccer?

Why am I speaking for all of you in the above statements? Can you see why this question is pointless?

Come on , really I know this is just your opinion but seriously. To paraphrase what you are saying here is even though there is clearly no shortage of the games you personally like, anything that isn’t in the genre that you like is terrible?

I personally dont have anything against the games you mentioned , I think they are great but of all the VR games I own i think i’ve played those like 0.01 percent of the time, they arent my cup of tea.

So don’t make game I dont like. Please make all VR games murder simulators, because thats all adults should play. Pretty ignorant if you ask me.

Again I ask , if you know its just your opinion , then what is the point of this thread? What answer were you expecting? I know people who literally only play MMO’s like seriously 24/7 , it’s perfectly fine for devs to make games in different Genres. If it wasnt for different Genres of games VR would surely die. Because not everyone likes the same thing.


I was just wondering why we can`t have games like far cry, HL2, max payne, mass effect, etc with a good story and graphics and if people feel the same about this. Maybe my English is not good enough to express myself the very right way :slight_smile:
I just dont understand why people play beat saber for months, and don’t get bored. Not that i have any problem with that… I like a good story and graphics, and because the 2 d games in the past and present seem to attract a big audience, i just dont understand we (/i, if you like it better that way) get stuck with less.

Yes, it’s my opinion and i wonder if i’m the only one, as most games released atm in vr, do not satisfy me. But maybe i’m the only one that sees it that way. I wanted to know if other people also share my point of view.

No need to be offended i think.


Well VR is still not quite where it needs to be. But getting there. Consider RE7 VR version out for playstation while still no pc vr version.


All those games you just mentioned took 2-3 decades to evolve to that point. VR has literally been in consumer hands for 3 years. Give it time.
Remember before HL2 we had games looked like this

I have noticed that alot of the VR games we have right now feel alot like games in the 80’s . No developer knew exactly how to make the best games yet, so they had to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Also the systems had severe limitations no analog sticks, no 3d graphics, flickering sprites, 8 bit graphics, but you know what I wouldnt trade that experience for the world, because seeing how far we’ve come since then is crazy.

Imagine what VR games will be like 20 years from now, 16k holographic sunglasses?

Maybe be then will have figured out locomotion and will laugh at how simple our index controllers we’re back in the day.

I don’t know why people are so impatient with VR, just enjoy what we have and relax.


Yes, a good example of a good looking game and then it’s a exclusieve title for the ps4. But it is possible, technically wise, so to say :thinking: Same goes for the vr missions of ace combat.


Technically Project Cars 1,2 Asseto Corsa 1,2 Elite Dangerous, No mans Sky , IL2, Skyrim, Fallout4 are the full games in VR.

Have you tried fallout 4 in VR?


Could also mention Dirt Rally, NMS, Arizona Sunshine, Lone Echo, Alien Isolation, The Golf Club VR, Dead Effect 2 VR and Island 359 to name a few more games that have much better than 90’s graphics.
It takes time to develop big titles and VR is only 3 years old (retail) and still a small section of gaming, What has been accomplished so far certainly hasn’t afforded a large selection yet, but I feel the experience so far has offered some neat experiences with more to come. One must remember that programming VR is a new set of challenges and not all programmers are equal in skills in this new medium. If there was more talent at the skill of Ready At Dawn we would see more titles like Lone Echo, which uses some of the most innovated techniques available, we would have more AAA VR contents. This will come in time, but the emphasis seems to be on converting popular titles that will resell as VR titles first, while building the skills to code ground breaking VR titles from scratch.
As a gamer since dirt formed, I am personally excited for the possibilities. Despite a less than full plate of VR games at the bleeding edge atm, I see the future as bright. Even now, I have a considerable selection, that is enough that I have not played outside VR in 3 years. It’s all good.


I played RE7 on PSVR…it still stands foir me as the most immersive story driven experience that seemed more like being in a full on horror movie than a game. Graphics and voice acting were studio level professional and I’m bummed it hasn’t arrived yet on PC in VR as I would buy it again to relive it all over.