Why are most vr games looking like 90's graphics? No



No, haven’t tried fallout. I will when the 5k is complete :grinning:
Which version of IL2 is the vr one?
There are so many il 2’s…


Yeah indeed, there are some great titles. Hate myself for being too scared to play the zombie games lol. I cant stand jump scares. If i hear a cracle in the dark in such games, i already put the Oculus down :joy:

Anyone tried war thunder?


Indeed The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is nice as well. Though have to see about getting it working in Oculus mode.

For Wave Shooter Killing Floor Excursion should be good though too bad the 2 versions are not cross play compatible unless this has changed.


Totally agree with you , i’d like to add

Even if you had AAA studios making games right now, I dont think you would get alot of lone echos. I dont think you can “Force” evolution by just throwing AAA devs at things. Artika 1 for example, I was pretty disappointed by. You would hope for a title at least as good as Metro2033 in VR from the developers of Metro 2033.

VR is in a very experimental learning phase right now , that only indie devs seem to have the ability and passion to take the risk to put out there.

Guys like Nimsony , and Blair Renaud Technolust, Low-Fi
Holoception Devs , etc…

The key word here is “Risk”. Big companies have more mouths to feed and don’t have time to risk experimenting to find out what works in VR. They need “sure things”. This will take time as indies figure it oit for them.


yeah, im still holding out for a pc port with proper motion controller support. (will probably never happen)

Its a shame because as good as it it playing with a gamepad, its hurts knowing how much better it could be.
Being able to actually hold a flash light in my left hand while a carefully creak a door open with my right and peer i side.

Or open that disgusting faucet and see blood poor out.
Or pick things up and examine them with AR overlays instead of what they do now.


True. Lone Echo is a prime example of what can be done, It and other Oculus funded titles are what was needed to help companies develop the techniques to create compelling AAA for VR. Not a fan of FB or Zuck, but Oculus funding has us closer than we would be, having seeded VR development.
I certainly enjoy experiencing olden golden goodies like Skyrim and Fallout in VR, but where I get excited is when I see companies like Ready At Dawn demonstrate what can be done when coding VR from the ground up and tapping controller capabilities in this new medium, in such innovative ways. When I look at the performance and graphics quality (Olivia looks so close to the real life actress), I cannot help but be excited for what games can look like.
I recall how excited we got when the original Need For Speed allowed us to race at the glorious resolution of 800x600 (up from 640x480). Hard for me to be concerned in this fledgling VR when I look at how far we have come.
If you had told me then, that in less than 25 years, I would be sitting in fully rendered, fully functional simulations of several aircraft in VR (in my basement) I would have thought you mad…
Op refers to 90’s graphics. I played a Star Trek game on a TRW mainframe in the 70s. The Federation was “x” and the Klingons were “o”. The sector grid was made up of “periods” The joy was we played against each other on the network.
I takes years and Hollywood size budgets to do AAA titles now. That we have so few this early in VR is of no surprise, You need an installed base of users large enough to justify the expense. It will come in time.
Based on what I have seen occur in 40 years, I can’t get too worried about where VR is in retail after only 3 years.


Ok, you’re right… I was disapointed about the reports of vr games from the big game expo’s. That is why i was starting the topic.


Another think to note is that when nintendo came along and invented the d-pad it was genius. But then they realized after making releasing games for 5 years that, they could make games control even better with triggers and buttons in a diamond layout.

Sega had different idea’s at first, opting for 3 buttons and then 6. But ultimately realizing that nintendo was right with the diamond and implemented it with the dreamcast

Nintendo tried to innovate with the n64 controller and they did by bringing us the first anolog thumbstick, but failed to realize that they should have added a second analog. Sony released its PS1 without an analog! what were they thinking , they saw nintendo’s analog slip-up and released the dualshock.

The dualshock design has been replicated by everyone since.

Speaking of dreamcast , their biggest contribution to the world was the analog triggers. Xbox took alot of ideas from sega dreamcast when they entered the console race.

Also if you look at the early days of games. When we were knee deep in pacman clones, no one even knew what genres of games could be made yet.

Then when they transitioned into 3d. Many traditional 2d devs tried to shoehorn certain genres into 3d in a very naive way. For example games like final fight,streets of rage never made the jump to 3d successfully.

Took at least until the ps2 with god of war to give us a modern take on the hack n slash days of golden axe

I believe that when VR naturally progresses, we will have genres of games that we haven’t even thought of today.

** Note One genre that seems to have not made the transition to VR well is sports.

If you read this far during this scrambled mess of thoughts, i applaud you. :sleeping:


They certainly made a directional pad suitable to their needs, but “invented” is questionable. My first game console https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intellivision
had 360 directional pads allowing for some clever 2D flight dynamics in Bi-planes among other things.
long before Nintendo was a thing.
I still have this console and all games and IntelliVoice box.

And @mindscan thought 90s graphics were bad :grinning:


Great news at road to vr:

Also very curious about the Respawn entertainment game in the making. :grinning:


yeah I wouldn’t call whatever that 360 disc thing is a dpad. My argument stands.


Well, being a pad and being directional, what would you call it? I’m not looking for an argument here. Mattel never coined the label "d-pad’ for their controller parts so feel free to give Nintendo credit for the nomenclature, but they had a controller with a pad that controlled direction before Nintendo existed. There was even a joystick you could attach to the top of it but you lost some positional fidelity.



Indeed & Sega’s version was a circular pad with the cross on it.


I suppose you are right, but just like the analog controller on the n64. Nintendo didnt invent it , but they legitimized it.


It really depends on when you grew up than which company legitimized it. A D-Pad was simply a Digital Joystick missing the “Top Hat”.


true , but only one design saved the video game market from the brink of extinction.


Playstation 1? Lol

D-Pad in some ways was a step back. Interms of a 4 switch joystick. Arcades were also using what was it 8 & 16? That only in terms of consoles was in Neo Geo.

Video game market was doing fine just ask the almost extinct Arcades on loss of Quarters sales.


I was referring to the crash that occured after E.T.
most retailers wrote gaming off as a gimmick, and stocking it on store shelves becamin toxic.

nintendo stepped in from out of nowhere and had to practically beg to sell their hardware in stores.

had they failed who knows what would have happened.


Are we talking Speilberg movie? Don’t really recall a crash.



(EDIT) i just noticed something in that video I didn’t realize before at 9:13

you are forgiven. :slight_smile:

another good article.