Why did some backers find that the FOV seems to be not as big as before?



Dear Futurists,

We got several messages from backers who have received their headsets. They told us that the FoV is not as big as they tried before. We find that the problem is caused by face foam.

We have 3 face foams with different sizes: 11.5MM, 13MM and 15MM.

Both 11.5MM and 13MM work well, but some backers told us that 15MM does not work very well for them.

For a better Pimax experience, please contact us if you receive the headset with 15MM face foam and it makes you feel uncomfortable, and we will send you a new one which fits you better.

Look at the pictures below for more details of the 3 versions.

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Cool. :slight_smile:

Can I have the 11.5 one please ? Can we choose which one we get or does it come with all?


@Dallas.Hao this is something that can change the distortion as I said in the other post.

I tried the 5K+ with the 11.5, and it doesn’t work for me. I need to increment the distance, reducing a little the FOV, but it removes absolutely the distortion.

I think it would be a good idea to send two foam with differents distances. I want the 15mm because I prefer to use the large FOV and remove absolutely the distortion, as I was experimenting.


Or send all three to all backers, those must cost like 2 cents a piece for Pimax.



$5, to be precise :slight_smile:


No it doesn’t cost $5 to produce, and overall not worth a bad review for Pimax.


More inconsistencies on what they are sending out? Did you run out of one size and just shove in another size?

So aside from HMD build quality differences, IPD range differences, headstrap differences we also have face foam differences. They should ALL be this same at this point!


We are being experimented on :slight_smile: they are using us to make the pre order people get the best! Personally I don’t mind seeing as they say we can request a new one. Though I wish they would tell us that beforehand.


It affects distortion, so you need to send the 3, and add a notice to tell people that they have to try and find the one working best for them.
You can’t let people with a bad first impression, making bad reviews all over internet, and just tell them that they have to complain first and wait weeks for another one to be sent.


Yes. In the perfect world the lenses and panels would be adjustable to up/down/left/right/back/forth with a help of calibration software/pattern.

Distortion fix: vertical placement on face is PARAMOUNT

@Dallas.Hao I just remember that I add more headstrap and cushion, they will ship with other reward later?

I got 13 mm, and so may I choose another size.


I would imagine that most glasses users like myself will need the 15mm one.

Edit: however, I intend to get inserts. After that, I will probably want to switch to the thinner ones… Good reason to include more than one, if they’re cheap enough.


At least this explains why people that have to wear glasses, have so different experiences with the HMD, fitting the glasses or not… it’s not only the size of the glasses…:roll_eyes:


We should be getting two anyway as it was one of the stretched goals. if they send 11 and 15, if you need a 13 then you could cut down the 15 and would give you time to order one latter.


They did Early Adopter


OK this explains at least some of the difference in experiences


Wouldn’t it be smarter to ad a mechanism to adjust the distance to panels, like HTC and Gear VR have ?


i got 13mm, but i would like more distance because of my glasses, could you please send me 15mm?

5K+ early impressions

Come on pimax man…even HTC the cheap bastards include two foams…you have to atleast include both 15 and 13 mm.