Why do i need my reading glasses in Pimax, but not Oculus?


I would really like an answer to that question as well.
I really want to support kickstarter, but I can’t afford to be left with a unit that has an out of focus image.


@xunshu @PimaxVR. Can you please give us feedback on manual focus adjustment & how it works. Is it a spacer system as you have said lenses are magnetically detachable.


Prescription lenses are discussed in this video

I would guess that if they can’t focus within the manual range without the glasses they can probably try this.


Can you provide a few photos of how it looks put together please




Hi guys,

As Heliosurge and a few others know there are at least 3 ways to mod the 4K for presbyopic sight. However, when I did mine it was extremely possible to damage the unit irreparably without sufficient care or luck (probably both). The 4K VR is working well now but I have had a lifetime of electronics experience and I warn anybody that such internal mods are not to be taken on lightly.

If it comes to the 5K or 8K and PiMax have not solved this myopic manufacturing then I would stay clear until they do. From what I can glean from the above there might be some question about non-myopic use of the goggles. PiMax need to state (and guarantee) that there is adequate manual adjustment for long sighted or short sighted people or they are being very short sighted.