Why every thing is so slow



I understand you have many problem and issues . But the main issue that you take very long time to discover a problem then takes a long time to solve it

1st , my order was Spose to ship on February, I assumed I only just have to wait , however after weeks you sent me message that I need to correct my address ( even though it was right ) it took you couple of days to confirm it and ship it

Now after 2 weeks I been told that you the logistics partner could not ship your order .

Now I don’t understand why it take too long to recognize the problem why takes so long to only discover it ?

@mozi @Dallas.Hao


Really sorry. Frankly speaking we missed many important messages, and the situations were a chaos before. but now we are trying our best and you can see that many things improved


Yes things has improved but my current problem has not been solved for weeks now . I just needs updates of my order and please don’t make me wait for weeks just to say there is a problem.

Now what happened to my order p1519 , I don’t know it current state @mozi


I just update you with PM, I will keep tracking and feedback you tomorrow morning


It doesn’t work for KS backers ?


yes, only works for preorder. We don’t have much time to sync the KS user datas to our store.


@mozi I sent you message


Hi, your tracking number is EX025895804SG, sorry again.


@mozi thank you , unfortunately not working


hi, we changed the logistic and arranged the delivery yesterday, the system should can track these two days.


ok , I will wait . thank you


@mozi The tracking number working now , but I live in United Arab Emirates and the shippment distnasion is Brazil , what is going on ?


@mozi so what happened?


Hi, I am checking, it seems our guys made a mistake when he provide me the tracking number.


Hi, the tracking number is: 32411956253


@mozi yes , i got that and checked the order number with Aramex also and it working. thanks you hope you have a great day


Sorry for our mistake. Good luck!



i received the headset no problems found.

thanks you for your help