Why no 100% original Vive Wand Drivers?



So I stumbled upon a video where someone using midivive to play music on his knuckles. Eager as I am I tried it with my vive wands and they just sparely used the motors inside. After some digging it seems Pimax uses some selfmade drivers? Why…seriously why? Now it always feels like the wands will never operate at 100% capacitiy and something is always missing. Where is the problem using the original drivers from valve?

I want to play e1m1 from doom on my Wands…I am dead serious. Use working drivers or switch to original drivers!


Seems like they didn’t want to deal with supporting multiple driver activation in SteamVR and calibrating playspace coordinate spaces between different drivers.

It is possible to force SteamVR to use both the htc and pvr drivers at the same time but it gets messy fast.



ooooookay :joy: But a workaround that it only uses the htc wand drivers and ignoring the pvr and everything still working isn’t possible, I assume?


Believe might be due to having oculus support. They needed to have steam tracking available without running steam.


I have odd controller mishaps these days though, and I wondered about this. Like blades and sorcery. And also my left grip button is weird pretty much always now.


Ok this could be an explaination :slight_smile: