Why no Project Cars demo on Pimax 8K?


I have a couple assumptions:

  1. The game demand high end graphics card and so Pimax does not want to show lag and therefore ruin the experience which would generate worry and criticism.
  2. The visual quality in the distance and depth show blurriness (Pimax try to disguise its headset shortcomings?).

Every time, when the question was ask, what games do you want us to demo? There are quite a few that want to demo Project Cars and yet I never EVER get to see it being demo. This is quite odd. The only time i get to see a demo was almost a year ago when a private user show a camera through the lenses. However, what i seen through that lenses was sharp when viewing up close objects but distance are blurry and not sharp.

There are people like me that invest in this headset JUST for racing sim ALONE! Well, most of the time is just for that. And so that’s why I want to know the clarity and SDE when viewing in the distance. Not close up! Who care about close up, I know it’s always sharp. In fact, with the Vive and as bad as the Vive is with SDE, it isn’t bad as far as looking at close up objects such as the car’s dashboard (it’s very nice even with Vive). So, we’re not interested in that. We’re interested in what the visual is like in the distance (better while driving) because that’s the most important thing when it comes to driving game. It does not help that Sweviver did not ask the correct question when he was at the Berlin’s event. He ask about sharpness and they would say ohh it’s very sharp and he was looking at the dashboard. But again, who care about the dashboard, it’s pointless. I am kind of sick of people not knowing the important of SDE and shimmering in driving game. Please do a review of Project Cars when you get a chance and get some answers to this important question. Thank you!


Backers were able to choose any game they wanted at the berlin meet up. So to your first two points alluding to Pimax purposely not demoing them to hide their shortcomings is moot. Although as someone not interested in Elite Dangerous at all I wish the meet up didnt consist of 90% E:D impressions lol


op, everything you have typed here makes me feel a deep sense of weariness.


I’m sure @SweViver has tested it. Dude seems to have tried everything else… can’t wait for 26 Sep (also, it’d be super great if they’d just lift the NDA already since they’re not changing anything at this point)!


In all fairness I can’t get decent performance from a 1080ti on the vive, and that’s with all settings on low, project cars 2 has to be one of if not the most demanding app in VR.

Sucks too cause I love that game I’m one of the few that prefer it to assetto corsa


Dont worry :slight_smile: those will be covered! Shortly in review and more in depth the week after review


And DCS please.



Hope you do a follow up review with the 2080ti when you get it.


Of course, DCS will be covered

As soon as I get my 2080Ti preorder then I will start with benchmarks and comparisons between 1080Ti, and much more. I will keep my 1080Ti for a month or so before I sell it, just for this reason.


They did loads of testing with asseto corsa


That’s the reason why we love you! In depth comparisons help us make informed decisions.

I’m swaying towards downgrading my 8k to 5k+ from what I’ve heard so far. Racing titles really need the best far distance clarity and the 8k unfortunately seems to be lacking in that regard from reviews I’ve read from the backer meet ups, although I’m waiting for you and Sebastian to do your reviews before I maje a final decision.


are we talking about PC 1 or 2 here ? becouse PC1 is imho obsolote with bad code for vr support.
PC 2 is another story , you can do tricks showed in this thread - it makes wonder for distance objects/cars

The sharpening feature is controlled by three values in your graphics config XML file (itself found in your Project CARS 2 documents folder, separate files for VR and non-VR, e.g. graphicsconfigoculusdx11.xml and graphicsconfigdx11.xml):


< prop name=“SharpeningStrength” sharpeningstrength=“0.000000” />
< prop name=“SharpeningClamp” sharpeningclamp=“0.045000” />
< prop name=“OffsetBias” offsetbias=“1.000000” />

… to create these values in the file the first time, either delete your current file and run the game (after you’ve installed the patch of course), or, if you want to maintain your current settings, run the game and go in and out of the “Performance” graphics menu.

The values are used as follows (apologies for the somewhat technical explanations - the only value most people will want to change probably is the first one, strength):

Strength (0.0->3.0, default 0.0) - the strength of the sharpening, zero being off. I find a subtle amount like 0.6 to be a good starting point. Too high a value will cause shimmering effects and a generally unnatural look to the image. Note that having sharpening on at all will have a small performance cost, but the size of that hit doesn’t vary with the amount of sharpening.
Clamp (0.0->1.0, default 0.045) - limits the amount of sharpening at the local pixel level (if you have a large continuity difference between the original pixel and blurred pixel it limits the amount of offset applied).
Offset (0.0->6.0, default 1.0) - the offset from the current pixel for the sampling pattern (so if it’s 1 it will sample neighbouring pixels, any less and it will bias towards the central pixel, any more and it will start sampling pixels outside the normal kernel).


Would be great if you could feature some of the most popular sims, like Assetto Corsa, Raceroom and iRacing too, not just PCars2… I would really appreciate it.


@SweViver Don’t forget Rfactor 2 :blush::yum:


thanks for this post, I’ll have to give this a try


Holy tinfoil-hat-sales-enhancing conjecture there Batman.

Can’t help but wonder if the OP also believes NASA is purposefully hiding the fact that the Earth is Flat from us globetards…


Thanks for this, I will be sure to look into this when I get a chance to play PC2. I have not touch PC2 yet (still waiting for Pimax). I was referring to PC1. I did play with the openvrsettings.xml file in PC1 though.


Haha, there is no conspiracy there. I always knew the Earth is round. It is hilarious to me that some people like (Kyrie Irving) believes the Earth is flat. It is only flat if you live in a cave (like cavemen) and never venture further beyond space. Time and space are illusion (they limit your ability to think beyond lol). It tied you down and make you think the Earth is flat. In the real world, there is no such thing as time and space. But of course, people don’t believe it lol. Why? They’re tied to time and space.


I am a PC2 driver but just to mention assets Corsa competition is starting early access in a few days on steam - might be worth a look too - graphic photons to our eye comparison wise - gaming wise for sure too.


I’ll definitely check it out when I get a chance. This game is looking nice. I believe it is one of the games that use Ray Tracing so the lighting is going to make everything stand out. I wish the rain and particles effects on the windshield look a bit better though.