Why no Project Cars demo on Pimax 8K?


The new Assetto? That would be nice, haven’t read about that .


Yes, it will have Ray Tracing.


@SweViver and @VoodooDE might be something for your new devices


Edit: VR Support is not ready on 12.09 will come in the October patch ( see the road map)


i dont see anything about vr support?


October 10th: https://www.assettocorsa.net/competizione/roadmap/


… post withdrawn…


I don’t get that one, but in the roadmap @cazman321 posted is mentioned it will come in October…
It’s early access- features coming about monthly…


The project cars2 on the Pimax 8k are fantastic.


Just ran some gt Action on combined Nürburgring - can’t wait for the 8k !!
And I am curious for the 2080 TI and competizione
Exciting times up ahead !


Looking forward to the new AC. Thanks for the lika. Will review it on Pimax day 1 :wink:


VR support comes with ‚Build 2‘ on October 10th…


as there are a few fans of this game here. they mention broad hardware compatibility. is there a list? i was interested in trying a wheel for project cars but it only seemed to support really expensive wheels, and id like to dip my toe in without spending like 150 euro on a high end wheel.


you missed 1 zero
1500 Euro is high end wheel


1500 Euro? :scream: Holy Cow is there at least a car around it?:laughing:


So whats the diffrence between pc2 and asseto is asseto more arcade than real


opposite imo. I don’t like pc2 physics, way too slippery imo


Holy shit this. XD I guess I would rephrase as can I use some piece of shit 30 euro trust wheel or fisher price wheel or something equally bargain basement to see if its something I like enough to spend 150 on instead of wireless , knuckles, tracking pucks , 3d printer , etc


Here is a nice introduction for you - there are very reasonably priced entry level steering packages, but as ever you may wish to have invested a little bit more once you have tried it and realize that it is kind of addictive.

I myself still have a Logitech G25 from 2006 (!) which had been catching dust for a decade because I just didn’t like the table mount in front of a monitor thing.

But VR is a completely, and I mean COMPLETELY, different story - even with my 12 year old entry level steering wheel it is just a shitload of fun to play a racing sim ! And at some point in time I will upgrade to get a system, which provides more recognizable force feedback on the different types of feedback (curbs, road conditions, aquaplaning, etc.) and has a steering wheel feel which is sized 1:1 to a real life steering wheel. But that obviously will have a price tag of something slightly north of 1,000€. So for the moment my good ol’ G25 is still running the show…


Is slippery becouse phisic is more advanced than AC…
I dont like only PC 2 force feedback. I have to setup FFB for my Thrustmaster RS500 with sparco R343 mod each time when changing car becouse I want it realistic. Visuals are better in PC2 and VR support is more advanced.


Get better tyres maybe