Why no Project Cars demo on Pimax 8K?


Just a small remark, if you want to go high end it’s more like 1200 Euro a DD base, 700 Euros an Ascher wheel and about 700 Euro for Heusinkveld pedals (the ‚small‘ pro ones not the ultimate for about 1.250 Euro)…:grin:


Everyone needs to go out and buy Project Cars 2 ASAP if you haven’t already. It’s a FANTASTIC game! I’m a die-hard simracer. I own a Bodnar DD wheel, Ascher wheel plate, Quaife H-Pattern shifter, Quaife Sequential shifter, HPP PRX SE loadcell pedals, and an Oculus Rift. The only thing I’m missing is some sort of motion solution.

I’ve been playing PCars 2 every single day in VR for the past 4 or 5 months and I’m still having a blast! There is nothing like driving in VR. The game handles VR very well, once you find the right settings. I can only imagine what it’s like sitting in the virtual cockpit having a wide fov. I’m sure my jaw would drop! That’s why I’ve decided to hold out and hopefully get the StarVR One.

I’m a PiMax backer as well but backed the 8K-X, which we know probably won’t be out for another year or two. I’m in no rush to get it because I’ll (hopefully) already have my StarVR One by then. By the way, StarVR has a little animated video on their website showing off what PCars 2 looks like on their HMD compared to other current HMDs. I REALLY hope this is confirmation that PCars 2 will work with StarVR One right out of the box on release day.


Hi isamu.

Where did you get the information that Pimax 8K-X “probably won’t be out for another year or two”.

Do you have a source please?



You’re not taking a loaner 8K?


You don’t want a crappy wheel that lacks force feedback. You’re better off buying a Steam controller and setting up the gyroscope settings to steer it like a wheel.


According to this benchmark review PC2 was pretty bad on anything other than a Ti. So you have to figure Pimax would show even more yellow.


PCARS2 seems unrealistic to me compared to Iracing and Assetto. OSW Large Mige


Hi Swe, don’t forget please to test Iracing too please, if u can of course.


Were all gonna need this too along with our wheels!


Sorry, but the one you posted is more like a funfair ride, not really for simracing…

This is what you need for simracing, fast and short movements!


pouring one out for his kidneys


I’m not really a sim racer and would be using it more for flight sims so I like the range of motion feelthree has.


I guess each of the motion systems will have their strengths and weaknesses. But clearly the simracing scene is used to the kind of rigs which use actuators to bump you at four points, which is a limited motion in itself but there will be an expectation of how a motion rig should feel. I suppose it would be not easy for them to adjust to a different system showcasing other effects, or the same effects in a different way. The power of habit should not be underestimated.
II tried such a motion rig once and it was nice, but did not give me the real sensation of driving a car either - but it was of course a manner to enrich the experience. With the FeelThree rig there definitely will be parts missing too, but I am curious to see whether the greater ability to roll will give you a better feeling of the g-forces pulling you sideways when going through bends. Because you will see the horizon differently the brain will not assume you are oriented in the chair as you in reality will be, so it could attribute the natrual gravity you feel dragging you towards the floor as g-forces more to the side.
So it could be interesting, but then I of course am also interested in flightsims which is why the pure racing sims motion rigs wouldn‘t really achieve much. This is where I expect the FeelThree rig to really shine.


People should try losing control of the car in PC2…you can’t…and then tell me about the physics. At least that’s how it was on release. Never bothered going back.

You could crash by driving into things, but couldn’t get the car to lose control. In AC I can throw the thing into spins down the straight just like a real car. On release PC2 just didn’t act like a car at all.

Then with buttkickers AC gives you full suspension feedback such that every car feels different (and as I imagine a car with that setup would feel like). PC2 only gives road texture, bumps etc such that every car feels exactly the same.

I’m hoping it’s been improved since launch, but it put me off enough to not be motivated to go back to it to see.

I’m looking forward to AC Competizione but am very disappointed it skips all the road cars. Half my fun is driving road cars I could never afford on road tracks.

If I get more time in future I’ll take up iRacing or RaceRoom.


the best thing is the side tilt ,gives you a sense of g forces along with some base shakers


I think it will be amazing. Plus they offer an upgrade to 6 motors instead of three for faster and more jerky movements which should help with sim racing maybe.


In some points yes in others its more realistic Then assetto corsa and certainly more fun .


True but AC has this weird Thing going on with its FBB things I feel in the wheel going down the Straight that just feels Unrealistic,mean while Project cars are spot on.


I am not a simracer, just enjoy racing simulations way back to the days of Revs but never took it too seriously. I did purchase Assetto but I actually didn‘t like the physics, felt it was a bit too wobbly/shaky for my liking, almost as if was a challenge to keep cars going straight which didn’t correspond to my real life experience even with regular street cars, who usually would have a softer setting than a sporty car.
But then again, I certainly did not spend too much time so that was just an impression, just drove a couple of cars for an hour or so and decided to go back to PJC2.

And unfortunately I am such a bad driver that I regularly manage to spin off the cars in PJC2, certainly if it is a BAC Mono or Formula A car; but indeed the likes of the Porshce Cayman GT4 are very stable, perhaps unrealistically stable (never drove one in real life so cannot say).

But I am aware that it appears as if many hardcore Simracers orefer the likes of iracing or RRR, and Assetto seems to have an edge with them over PJC2. If I remember correctly one of the main complainst about PJC2 where certain missing or not ideally implemented multi-player functionalities which will never affect me as I am not likely to race others in 2 h events…


Revs, wasn’t that a Commodore 64 game? :grin:
I was more like a Pole Position guy myself.