Why no Project Cars demo on Pimax 8K?


I’m not sure yet. Depends on reviews and impressions


Flinnt… what wheel do you have? PCars 2’s physics have changed quite a bit since its release. Cars are extremely enjoyable to drive, at least to me. This is coming from someone who has played the shit out of AC and even belong to a couple leagues. I love AC a LOT don’t get me wrong. It’s overall the superior game because of the excellent mod support. But from my personal experience the control you have over your car in PCars 2 is unmatched IMHO. I’ve found the cars in AC suffer from too much snap oversteer and it’s very easy to lose the backend if you push it to the limits(kinda like in Iracing). But then, this is all IMHO. everyone’s different.

Regardless, I want to play all three racing games with a Pimax AND with a Star VR :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh by the way guys, I’ll give you a nice little bonus secret most people are unaware of. Anyone remember this game?

How many of you played F-Zero GX on your Gamecube back in the day? Well, surprise!! You can actually enjoy this game in FULL VR on PC!!! Playing F-Zero GX on my Rift even with the narrow FOV is already an amazing experience. When I get my StarVR I expect it to be the very definition of orgasm!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m using the Fanatec Clubsport 2.5 with the Porsche wheel.

I’ll stick my head back into PC2 and have a look at the improvements. However come Oct 10 I’ll be pretty busy playing AC Competizione.


Im going to try 8k in iRacing, VR is simulation for me and IRacing is all about sibulation, premium sim with up to 5000 players in daily peak And asseto corsa competizione of course, as its chip, new, and gt3 ^^


The 8k is suposed to be blurry on distant images ,nobody sure if its better to get 5 plus instead


I’m sure @SweViver will have an answer to that. He has tested every game like that in the 8K and 5K+ so he will definately be the one able to tell you which is better for what type of game


I will let you know :slight_smile:


There’s no magic “improve distant resolution” feature.

Both the 5K and 8K have the same input resolution. The choice is simple: The 5K has sharp pixelated distant details, while the 8K has smoother details. The 5K will likely be easier to see that “something” is in the far distance (even if it’s only a pixel or 2) and the 8K will likely be easier to recognize what object in the slightly-nearer distance is (when it’s a few pixels in size).

I suspect that small text and tiny details will be easier to decipher on the 8K.


( Assetto Corsa Competizione is downloading to my SSD now :wink:


i think being native with ss the 5k will have the edge but as always nobody knows(yet)


Just wish it was launching with VR support.


Its not, but will soon, there is a roadmap available.


Yeah. I think it is some timer early - mid October.


Yeah, it’s strange driving 2D again… I was always stuck in WMR Headsets the last months and got so used to it … I definitely love VR and Simulations – feels so flat on a Screen!

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Yeah, like Elite there is no other way to play now…


It’s bad when you get used to it - I love star citizen but with out VR they are losing so much immersion, especially since you can walk around and fly …


Along with rFactor2 please! I love to death but it can be a real FPS hog!


So, how do you like AC Competizione so far?


Well its Early to say for sure, but it does look very promising!
the obvious, it has nice Visuals - also in terms of immersion for the rain or the light during the night. The driving feels pretty good to at this stage with solid feedback from the FFB. Nice Sound with also good feedback in terms of where your weehls are driving on. I think it will be a very nice simulation!


Thanks for sharing your impressions ! That does sound promising.

Unfortunately it will not be interesting for me (yet) - there seem to be issues with using a G25, which I happen to be using…
And I have to admit that I - as a casual simracing gamer - am not too enthusiastic about the scope being limited to one GT3 series. That means that a number of tracks I like won‘t be included, and the variety of cars will be limited. But I can clearly see the advantage it brings - they can focus completely on this one series and try to get it as perfect as possible, and not spend much time on a more generic physics model etc. and have to adapt that to hundreds of wildly different cars. So I will probably skip the EA and have another look at it when its released and it hopefully supports my G25 (or the one which I may have bought until then - I am considering an upgrade to a Fanatec system, but have other priorities at this moment…)