Why no Project Cars demo on Pimax 8K?


I have the Project Cars series, it’s a great all around - but I admit I actually play the GT/ GT E/ LMP most often in that game. So, I am actually quite happy to finally see a game focused on this series (instead of the typically licensed ones). But sure if you are not into this series, then it might be the wrong one – but it is still quite good, I would give it a try :wink: .


It’s not that I don’t like to play say the BMW GT3 or Porsche GT4 I believe it is in Project Cars 2, actually I enjoy them a lot because they are a good middle-ground of sufficient acceleration & grip to get some action and being relatively easy to control on the other side. But I also enjoy a round of ‘good ol’ street car on a race track’ feeling, and if I want intense action, getting into the Formula A car.

But yes, if this offers a carefully crafted, even better quality simulation of the GT3 series, I will consider it when the support of my steering wheel is fixed. I only am a bit hesistant because I own AC but did not play it that much, I happened to like PJC2 better.


Well then, we are sharing almost the same experience, I have PC1 – played it a lot (for my relations), got AC in a sale and went for PC2 which got my focus.
I enjoyed the PC’series but was annoyed by a couple of things and had the feeling it went a bit to much arcadish – then I saw ACC and it just looked promising, since I started to look into the old AC again. I guess the Missing G29 is just minor issue in programming terms, after all its early access and I guess they will fix that quick – it’s a quite common wheel. ( I have the TS300 from Thrustmaster which worked fine on release).


G25 works just fine based on players reviews, release version might cost much more then early alpha, the price is going to increase with each update (1 per month). So its either buy it now or skip, no sense to wait. Personaly i find its very good to have a race car limited to 1 class, means more players to play with later when multiplayer will become available.


How did a project cars topic get ambushed by assetto fans :relaxed:


Project Cars Fan has been turned by Assetto Corsa Competizione :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have the ultimate collectors edition of pc 2 so … well ACC is just good !


Im intrigued and will have to hit some waves and see what all this noise is about ,far well and i may report back soooon


I didn’t see VR support for Assetto Corsa Competizione


VR support coming in October.


ok i bothered to have a look and it looks very nice but i think i will hold off and see how its vr is set up ,hopefully user friendly unlike i find current system unlike PC2 which is great as i dont find my self having to take of the headset to set things up but hay if theres something amiss please let me know


Be support is coming, as mentioned, October including a first price increase (and of course more features also)
Even cheaper at the moment:


THANK YOU. Finally, a stable car that’s easy to control like normal road cars. I’ll try it out. Been trying to find cars that behave like road cars for AGES…


PC2 is also on Sale
Definitely more then worth that price and nice in VR


does new Asseto have telemetry data opened for devices like montion platforms, wind simulators , jet seat pads , shakers ??


AC does so I would assume, hopefully safely, that they carried that through with this new title as well.


looks like it’s working since early access day 1:


I bought it because of the cheap price, but I’m not sure how much time I’m going to spend playing ACC to be honest. I mean, even if you wait until the January build, it’s still only going to have like five tracks. FIVE It’s going to get a bit repetitive and boring driving the same cars around 5 tracks and the full game will probably only have a few more than that.

C’mon Kunos…open this game up for mods so we can get modders to put some meat on this game’s bones! Otherwise the original AC will remain king.


Asseto Corsa took me ages to work out how to play the damn thing on my Rift. I have never experienced such a crap and confuddling launch process.


I like the new physics in PCars 2. I actual got the Porche’s behaviors closely matched in Assetto and PCars2,I like the track feel in PCars but prefer the car handling slightly more in AC (slightly). I prefer the VR in PCars. It looks better and runs more smoothly. On the other side, AC has better F1 handling. I think the PCar2s track physics are more conducive to GT class cars.
Looking forward to both in the Pimax.


I see it similarly, both have there ups and downs in ACC I really like the feedback I get from the track, where the marbles are n stuff like that - they are both good ( or will be). I wish they would spend some time on a career DLC - F1 2018, played by a friend, seems to do that in an awesome way - you have to manage your team/ car Hardware to get through the season. But it has no VR … and since F1 is not my favorite and no VR I am not sure I will get it.