Why of why did you use DPD?!



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Why on earth did you have to use DPD!

From other posts on this forum they have been awful!
I have 2 headsets which have been signed for by someone I do not know

I have tried to email them, and now been over a week with no reply!
I have tried to phone them, it lets to transfer call to local depot, then ONE SINGLE RING and it hangs the phone on you!

The closed their DPD Local twitter account.
They do not respond to the DPD UK twitter account
And even their Facebook is inactive for months!

You havent even replied to my support ticket either!

How am I supposed to chase this up!!!

Just looked at a page and it claims you have 14 days to submit a claim to DPD, but hwo can you submit something if they do not reply back to acknowledge it?!!!

@Heliosurge you seem to be able to contact people who can reply to this stuff, Any help forwarding this?


I am concerned, as it’s been over a week and I have just noticed this on their claim page

Bolded the bits that are important.

If DPD are ignoring emails, and Pimax are ignoring or piled with support tickets.
This deadline will be passed by and then what happens?!


Cant you go to your local depot and enquire?


I work for my self as a locksmith im ordering locks every day and they get delivered by dpd . Sometimes they will just put it on the door step and go evern if im in lol


I also have the same issue. Over a month has passed nothing has been sorted. DPD left it on my doorstep when I was on holiday for a week!


Finally got a response from DPD Local.

Even though the twitter page says email customerservices@dpd.co.uk
You actually have to email customer.services@dpdlocal.co.uk

Even so the reply is they will take 3-5 days to check. And after that will need to contact sender for more information. Sounds like they dont care, someone has signed for my parcels and even though it was not me they think they have still delivered them properly!


Well DPD have no idea who signed for my items.
Gave me 3 different address to check.
Then said “Oh look a person with a similar name to that which was used to sign for it lives at this address” (also no they didnt sign for it)
It’s like saying a Mrs Smith signed for it, and we see that a Mr Smith lives here, so they must have signed for it.

But to make it even more ridiculous, they claimed their driver parked on one side of my house, walked around the terrace, possibly trying 4 other houses, then crossed the road and delivered to a house there!
You are lucky that a courier tries even one neighbour directly next to your house, and they are claiming their driver did all that?!

Waiting for Pimax to get a reply back from DPD. But I may have to wait a long time.