Why Should I Care?, Know Wonder! I Hope This Message Gets Heard! 2 weeks with OG Vive after 1 Yr With 8K SteamVR



Just spent the last two weeks using my old OG Vive 2 while waiting for my Pimax 8K to return, and thought I would share some personal and I hope genuine observations from this experience.

I’ll be frank here about my observations.

The colors are simply better in the HTC Vive OG2 model compared to my Pimax 8K.
The limited field of view is far worse. It would be acceptable if there wasn’t a better option and for someone new to VR. ( I would even recommend it if you can obtain one.)

Here is the main concerning observation I wish to be heard by someone who can do something about this.

The SteamVR and Htc Vive intergration is far better than what Valve and SteamVR are doing for Pimax. Everything ran more smoothly out of the gate. No need to make any drastic adjustments.
I adjusted supersampling and it worked fine.
But the most concerning thing is although the Pimax 8k should give a far better image and it did when I first recieved mine almost a year ago. Things have obviously went down hill with the Pitool and Steam VR integration. I have noticed this development over the past year and it seems to me that each successive SteamVR update things have progressively worsened for the my Pimax 8K. I always have to readjust settings to give an acceptable performance and better image while fighting a what seems a worsening condition.

I am able to do the necessary tweaks and fiddly things to achieve this but my point is, can the first time user or newbie do the same. Highly unlikely! They want SteamVR to give them the best possible resolution and performance for their HMD without the hassle. Valve is doing it for HTC Vive, why not for the PImax?

When my Pimax 8k was returned to me I noticed this after removing the Vive software and reinstalling both SteamVR and PiTool. The first viewing was horrible. It looked god awful before I made any adjustments. Testing with Fallout 4VR revealed to me that the resolution appears much greater in the OLD HTC Vive and this should not be the case for the First Time User of the Pimax.

Ok so why do I care to take my time out to type this stupid stuff. Well I Like my Pimax 8K and I look forward to receiving my 8KX when its ready. So mostly selfish I guess because in order to continue to use what I still consider the best affordable consumer VR headset on the market I want the company to succeed and they have been mostly good to the Kickstarter backers and obviously anyone who truly looks back on what they have achieved and how they continue to try and bring the best VR experience to their customers despite those who would love to stomp on their new ideas and progressive expansion in VR.

@SweViver @PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu Surely some talks with Valve needs to be done. SweViver I know you have observed some of what I have written as well.

Final word Pimax is awesome bringing Large FOV to VR, my brief return to the Vive has shown me this, my situational awareness is far expanded in 170 degrees horizontal as well as the scaling is much improved in both SkyrimVR and Fallout 4VR there is no doubt. Please someone who can fix SteamVR and PiTool integration.



One of the key problems is pimax is behind in releaaing a new pitool; especially consider last release was a Beta(180) and previous one an Alpha(144). And tbh they have yet to release a True Stable.

But on the plus 90hz at 5k+ & 80hz with 8k model which still ahead of the game of Wide FoV with high refresh rates & resolution.

Even the 8kX if you go by Resolution & refresh is still ahead of Xtal (yes $6k gets better optics & oled but wares like a cinderblock in weight).

Haven’t noticed visual degrade but performances does vary a fair bit with Steamvr & pitool releases. But pimax should be aiming for a new release or patch release within 2 weeks of Oculus & Steamvr releases.

While opensource of pitool is good it will not fix issues of the headset driver.

Integration with SteamVR should be on aiming for like NvPanel & Crimson. Minimal need to load save a quick FoV or Render x change (basically anything steam needs a reset). Pimax is required to better explain setting functions like Render multiplier & maybe provide a graphic to illustrate changes like Nvidia & Amd do with Ansioptic filtering & antialiasing settings.


Yes, @PimaxVR, my advice: go either full Oculus or full Valve partner. Those companies are competitors and they won’t be watching happily and providing support for your hacketry trying to get both COMPETING platforms working.

It’s like someone starts manufacturing an Android OS phone with Apple store and apps support, I bet Apple would try to stop that or at least wouldn’t provide ANY support.


Trouble is Oculus doesn’t want Outsiders & Valve has decided to make their own headset. So either way things are likely to be messy. Each platform has key benefits. Ie Oculus sdk supporting Agnostic game side FFR (if dev uses one of 3 or 4 methods). Steam? Well more Games & generally friendlier to 3rdparty hardware - Mostly; save them breaking things more often than a windows update.

Best time of reckoning will be once OpenXR is in place.

Android? Well there quite a few without official google support or out of box Googleplay store.


Yes with security & other updates a year later than normally.


You get that problem even with so called supported Android that isn’t a vanilla android.

LG & Samsung come to mind.

Some outside get faster security updates outside of main Google branch as they use both google updates & their own.



I’m just writing about my recent observations with the Vive and its software minus the Vive portal that i disable. I just can’t believe that this old Vive HMD can, running through steam looks as good, despite the lower resolution. Again I’m repeating myself but I think it needs repeating SteamVR’s integration with the Pimax . Is it PiTool or SteamVR or both combined. PiTool is obvioulsy improving I don’t see that with SteamVR and its support of Pimax8k seems like a Step Back with each update, here I really have not seen much improvement.

Again I’m just a user and sharing my observations.
Just noticed that there could be some improvement, you and I if we can not solve a problem with our Pimax 8k we at least no where to look and can find information to help and are capable of making the adjustments but again how many out of the thousands of people now having kickstarted Pimax or bought later after good reviews and some I have left as well have there Pimax as a paper weight or door stop or closet collecter not getting any use out of their HMD because they may not have the time or desire to fiddly with changing SteamVR settings or things at the software level, just to get an acceptable image.That should be there first experience and not their last. I remember Sweviver commented on this a short time ago how to change settings to get the Steam dashboard resolution to show as sharp and crisp as it should. Well, thats enough caring for one day, I’m going back to enjoy Fallout 4VR.


It has much fewer pixels to push than the Pimax so a Vive will run smoother. Even the Index has 2 million fewer pixels to deal with than even the Pimax 5k+. Fallout 4 VR is a very demanding game that Bethesda rushed out and never optimized (made me buy a 2080ti) You also seem to prefer OLED colors and blacks to LCD. Companies are opting for the less expensive LCD because of cost. They do have less noticable SDE though so the is that.


Hi laartwork just signed in and noticed you commented thank you.
I love my Pimax 8k don’t get me wrong. Yes there is far less noticable SDE in it. The colors are very acceptable.
I now love Fallout 4 VR after having spent much time modding Skyrim VR with nearly 300 mods i finally grew tired of it. Fallout4VR having played it before and just preferring SkyrimVR because as you said the better optimization. Now Fallout 4VR is the only game I’m focused on. The scaling in the Pimax 8k is far better than in my OG Vive. The world looks bigger and the characters in game seem much larger and more true to life.

Pardon me, i have to check something real quick. Ok just checked. I’m currently using 112 active mods and 88 plugins in Fallout 4VR and on my 1080ti, the game and mods along with all DLC run great when all things are dialed in properly for my computer. It looks almost as good as SkyrimVR and the story seems far more interesting, level 46 i think now and have just completed the Railroad mission Peter offers (Fusion City mod) and all i can say is wow. A very long and interesting conclusion no spoilers here.

To get this working and working very well I have had to make many, many adjustments including going along with SteamVR ini file settings the point of my topic.

One additional note: I think you mentioned it in one of your earlier comments about heat in the Index HMD,
The Pimax although not perfect is cooler and with the DAS more comfortable to wear than the old HTC Vive with DAS and Gear VR lens mod.