Wide FOV and horror games (and pom)


I’m looking forward to the new era of game development for wide FOV headsets. I just realized that current headsets have blinders that horror games can easily use to their advantage for making you scared because you can’t see everything properly.
When the fov becomes so big that you can spot everything in your periphery that would mean these games need different tactics.

What I wonder is what will happen when HTC and Oculus don’t produce wide fov headsets as second gen. Developers won’t have a good incentive yet to produce content tailored to periphery perception yet.


Also for VR porn producers a new game starts where 180 degrees isn’t as suitable anymore. 360 degrees is problematic because the whole crew can’t be behind a camera anymore so an intermediate option of 280 degrees is maybe needed with wide fov headsets on the market


True, good point. These opportunities will close.

But other doors will open.

In real life do you get scared by stuff, or are you completely fine because you have a 220 FOV? Of course you get scared. In fact, you probably get scared more because you have this FOV but the resolution is so rubbish that all sorts of things can seem scary when they’re not. And this can be utilised really well in a game by putting little suggestions of trouble in the peripheral vision - enough to be spotted and scare you but you’re not quite sure what it is until you look. In fact they can really screw with our minds having all sorts of things dancing in and out of our peripheral vision.


Well it’s not that things can’t be scary anymore but todays games have been tested by developers and some tactics have been found to work well and others less. So now new situations occur where there is less surprise is what I mean.

But sure, I can see new tactics emerge that show some monster hands creeping up besides you slowly which will prompt you to turn to face the demon. But games will need to be designed that way first, they make use of the blinders now


i think having different locations can build horror. like the film about watch the vcr tape and the phone call. what was that called “the ring”.

same as a roller coaster.

for porn i guess you can have a swirling table they lay on to get different angles, that and a camera on a movable pole you can get all kinds of weird shots.

all porn is is

  • appearance
  • a choreographed set of movements that a animated gif could display
  • repeat with different appearance
  • repeat different animated choreographed set of movements

thats all there is to soft porn, hard porn etc.