Wiki or website with Pittool, SteamVR settings for each game?

Does pimax have a Wiki, or webpage with recommend Pi Tool, SteamVR settings for each game for their HMD’s. Would be nice of there was a community page for this

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@aesopfabled posted a google doc.

I believe it’s bern added in @x111v3r list of useful links there.

Can you have a Link to this on a website that is easy to find? I don’t understand why pimax would expect people to go to a forum and search for this info.

Banner topic top of the page.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! has this been updated?

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Not a hundred % sure. But @x111v3r did a great job collecting a lot of useful links.

I recently added the Windows 10 vr settings to his post.

Pitool last post has @light’s all pitool versions links.

Not even half the backers have the headset yet, so I don’t think it’s been on the priority list so far. But it’s a damn good idea!

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Edited banner as @serberus suggested to make help make pitool & 5k 8k directory easier to find. Just need folks editing Wiki posts when fixes arrise.

Can you put a link to the wiki in the banner too?

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What’s the latest version of pi tool?

It’s in the 5k 8k directory i believe 8n getting started.

It is. I used it to replace the link to my outdated post “Compilation of issues with 5K+ and 8K”.

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Awesome 20 xtra thingies :laughing: