Will any backers receive their headset in August 2018?


Yeah well, you can imagine that their new bullshit will be around ~2000euro right? Fuck them with their overpriced shits and no support.


Me, I’m not crying “now” and I don’t think I’m a very impatient person in general, but you must admit that VR is improving pretty fast, and with a year delay, pimax headset may not have the same impact.

Pimax large FOV should still be something impressive, but Oculus or even Google might come out with pretty bad ass headsets in 2019 too.


The ideal time for me is 1-2 months after the release of the GTX 1180 when the price has normalized.


You guys aren’t getting anything until October November time…

You can’t teach a old dog new tricks


If there are no hardware issues with the M2, I think it’s possible that some people with very low backer numbers might get headsets in September. Mine won’t come until late November or December (at the earliest), since I’m in the mid 3000s.


Not necessary. could be that backer 1 got an 5K , backer 2 a 8K and backer 3 did maybe the 5 dollar pledge. Actually 283 backers did the 5 dollar support pledge.


And of course, some could be pledges for the 8KX. The thing to keep in mind is that those “batches” are just a monthly production quota. In reality, there will probably be weekly shipments, so #248 should still ship fairly soon, once final production starts.


These types of posts are just harsh. They literally hurt my mind. Because I know there’s absolutely zero chance this is happening.


Yeah it’s not gonna happen. They haven’t even announced the backer meet up to test the M2 yet!! (Any update on this btw @xunshu ?)


will update the location and time when confirmed.


Thanks (20 character)


The good thing is, we can hava 1180 (TI)?) SLI under the Christmas Tree to fire the 8k :sunglasses: - so take it positive ! :slight_smile:


sorry, all 1180 TI’s have been pre-ordered by cryptofarmers


I dont think so - they have been moving to ASIC as it has better performance/price ratio - its only the amatueres that use gaming GPUs for that.
Some info here
Also I remember that even last year some of the Mining sites did not allow you to operate if you only used a 1080 GPU.
So … I dont belive the mining is taking the boards unless Nvidia has integrated special mining optimized elements.

Edit : sorry my spellcheck sometimes messes up the words and I didn’t see it - mining it should have said not minig


Same here . Hoping for an awesome present😁


I’m backer in the 4000 so that’s another month until mine is sent I think. What’s your backer number?


Approximately 700 (char limit)


Damn, then you’re set for the first batch I think. I doubt production hasn’t already been well on its way by now


Fingers, toes, and anything else I can find will be crossed :slight_smile: