Will Pimax 8k be prepared for foveated rendering?


Makes sense only with perfect lenses.
From the arizona sunshine video posted yesterday you can see the sweet spot at the center then it gets blurry.
Meaning wasting GPU resource on rendering part of the image at full resolution while it will never be perceived as such.


Well i might get one idk.


don`t count on gpu manufacurers to develop a technology making expensive gpus less useful


Why would it make expensive GPU’s less useful?

It is a performance boost across all GPU’s not just lower end ones and as GPU’s are lagging behind in raw power compared to the advances in Dual display VR, normal panel resolution, Hz and game engine demands, they need to keep up somehow and making every display a tiny percentage of what it is at native is an excellent solution to alternative and costly advancements.


I mean if people can do foveated on flat monitors they could (and I think would probably) keep their current GPU even longer, lowering the GPU sales.

Foveated in VR is another story because the GPU power needs can reach higher level, to the point GPU capable of this level of perfomance doesn’t even exist and only foveated could make those very high resolution dual panels (dual 4K and more) drivable for gaming for the foreseeable future.