Will the scene be stretched and distorted?


Watching this video at 23:24 I hear them say that unless the game developer does some special wide FOV rendering that the 8k will simply take some smaller FOV width and stretch-out the outer portions of this to fill 200 deg, with whatever distortion this causes. So there’s no real scene data beyond what is currently seen in say a Vive. Huh? Really? Do I have that right? If so that’s really going to suck! Call me naïve, but if that’s the case I just lost all my enthusiasm for this HMD. With 6000 owners worldwide and maybe 10(?) of these playing my favorite game I’m betting I won’t live to see full implementation of true 200 deg FOV.

Face-palm. Wow, I should have done more studying. Honestly, the technical magic between the VR hardware, SteamVR, and whatever game is running via SteamVR is a black box to me. I just figured that since Pimax works via SteamVR, and my game works through SteamVR, that I was going to be in true 200deg VR heaven.


No no no no no no!!! Jesus no


That is a very old review. Its the first review. Robin explained they were still working out the distortion. OpenVR (SteamVR) added support for 200° FoV & cantered displays. Watch later reviews on the v2 after it was confirmed by Doc-Ok on FoV not stretched; one of the comments mentioned the above support but seemed to be added silently at the time.


Would an FAQ pinned to the top of thread relieve your frustration? LOL



I’m reacting to the uninformed question lol


Well thank God! I was shocked when I watched that video.

OK, I’m back into believing I’m going to heaven! :innocent: