Will we get a ship date tomorrow? July 13th edition

  • Good news comes to those who have waited
  • Almost…there (star wars trench run sound effects from lasers and targeting computers can be herd in the background)

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Well, we received a good update. The finishing touches are being worked on. This thread can be closed.


What is so special about July of 13?


End of the work week… Friday the 13th… Possible 8K update… We do Mexican for Lunch on Fridays at work… Day after my Birthday (This one is special but sad)


All the things just listed by Wagner but also to imply that if we dont get an answer this week that in 2 weeks the same thread might be started with the title “will we get a ship date? July 27th edition” :wink:


who is Wagner ? …


From where I came Friday 13 is a really bad day to get out of house :smile: .

But I hope for some update too


Dis guy right heeeayaaahhhhhh


Dont go out,



We’re having Zupas sandwiches for Office lunch tomorrow… if anyone wants an update, let me know. (These pestering posts are kind of silly and won’t affect any kind of update at all… ever, FYI).


I see the future: Pimax 8K-X called Pimax 8K Gold edition

Price 3000$ like NVidia Titan


It’s more a humorous musing than a pestering. I realize we probably won’t get a ship date but I’m hopeful for a meaningful or atleast insightful update.


Happy birthday, my dude! … special but sad? I’m sorry. :frowning:


I hear ya… and anything’s better than the bickering that’s been done in other posts that won’t be mentioned. :slight_smile: