Willing to answer and help anybody with anything Pimax related



The Pimax is a GREAT headset once you figure out how everything works. I’ve been spending the entire 2 months of me owning this headset to go over every single small detail about the Pimax 5k + and the Pimax 8k headsets. If anybody has any questions or needs technical support of any kind just shoot me a message and I will help you however I can. I can answer most technical or headset related questions.

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Have you been able to get Vader Immortal running properly ? I have it set to low graphics but I still get glitches every couple of seconds + my 2080ti is only running at 50 % . I can only get it to run with revive .


I don’t think I have bought the vader immortal game yet. Is that on the oculus home store?


Yes . it is a great game but short


Came here to see how it’s working too before I buy it.


@TheExistedHim Can you please look into this issue?
I tried a lot of things but didn’t find a solution yet.
Everything is explained on the linked Steam forum.


OK guys I tested with my old HTC Vive and everything is working correctly, it seems the issue is related to Pimax then, and only in VRChat…


Which makes one wonder what vrchat dev did differently vs iirhee qorking titles. Hopefully rhese early day hurdles get worked out soon enough.


Yes, and I tried to do my own configuration on VRChat but it’s just impossible to enable finger tracking. Only working with HTC Vive but not with Pimax.


I’m having trouble with steamvr crashing
ever since I got my valve index controllers and using pitool beta .144. any advice?


Can you provide some details on your setup & games that are crashing. I don’t have index controllers but this can help identify issues easier.


Pretty much every game on my pimax game list. Including Oculus games. Definitely every time I run setup it shuts down and says it has an error.


You can download the drivers for the knuckles here


Pimax is great. It’s a fantastic piece of hardware.


Vader Immortal? 3.14


I am also having the same issues with VRChat + Pimax + Index Controllers. Might need a VRChat dev to fix how they detect index controllers or something.