Wise quotes from wise men


The simplist truth. We are all blind to our perceptions & the most qualified to fool ourselves. I am no exception & neither is anyone else.

Imho folks often worry too much about places they have never been. Make a difference where you are & the rest will sort itself out. The only real power we have is doing good things where we are.



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Ah! You found your way. @Lillo



Just lame. It is not a wise quote anyway. It is a quote from a frustrated man. Leonardo da Vinci happened to be a man of great knowledge, but not of wisdom. This stance of questioning authority by him must be seen within that context.

The frustration is timeless, because everyone that thinks he/she is ahead of others feel withheld from the rest and sometimes the authorities (in his case).

The added picture doesnt even add up. Those are evokers, or conjurers from the realm of fantasy.

Just a lame attempt to show somebody made a picture which you then used to make an invalid point somehow.

There is no wisdom in this quote, Just frustration.


Your entire reply exresss a lot of it, too…if you haven’t noticed :smiley:


No there isn’t. There is no frustration in my answer at all. Just my observation. There is no wisdom in the words of Da Vinci at all as far as I can see.

Show me what wisdom you try to convey in that picture. I am genuinely curious.


Da Vinci was a genius of his time, going where almost no one dared to go, pushing the ante up in any area from arts to mechanics to technology, and an initiate in spiritual teachings (very few know this) plain fact…your observations are pure personal speculations based on your (very limited) view of things, nothing less nothing more…

His contributions in many fields of human research are known to all, no one can deny it, and you would like to raise a debate about his character quirks or the inadequacy of the image used in the post (which is purely indicative) ?

Like a chained guard dog barking at everyone passing by…

There’s not even value in starting such a talk…


@Lillo I didn’t question his knowledge. I do question his wisdom.

As you regard him highly, I went looking for some wisdoms by him. I managed to find some interesting quotes. But they are mostly cliché. Standard wisdoms that even you or me can think of out of our own experience.

Maybe he wrote something interesting in Codex Leicester, but that would be mainly knowledge and observations.

This one is interesting though, he mentioned you even. As you are using his name in vain and using Leonardo’s authority to condescend towards others.:wink:

Leonardo da Vinci: Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence; he is just using his memory.