Woojer haptic vest


Played Rec Room paintball last night (still one of my favorite vr games, social and fun.) The vest did add to the game by feeling the paintballs on top of hearing them. Was not location specific and you can feel others shots fired but if your hit the sound is a bit louder and slightly stronger could tell this between games when shots dont kill you. Was the first time i was not annoyed by (kids) others shooting at me between matches. Woojer does add to the vr experience. It may not be worth the price but if it was like 250 - 300 dollars would be highly recommend by me.


I got it as well yesterday, still in the box. I am frankly exceited to try it with skyrim. Have u tried that?


Is this any good? …


I’ve had it for over a week now & i think it is fantastic.
I already own a sim rig with tactile transducers & also have used them direct from a sub output before so I kinda knew I was going to like it.

First off vest is great quality.
I couldn’t be happier with how it looks & feels.
I will be using this for pretty much gaming only.
Setup on pc was pretty easy.
It took about 5 mins the first time following woojers guide & download link to driver.
It will be much quicker after, once you know which settings to change.
In steam vr, I used the vive pro speakers as primary & mirrored to the vest as I found for me, the other way around gave me quieter audio in the headphones.
This could have been a software glitch though.
I first ran it through PC usb, then through vive pro USB. No problems with either. From what I understand it you keep the same port each time, it should keep the same settings.
Ps4 pro setup was plug & play through USB.
It was picked up instantly & I plugged my headphones in to the vest & had perfect game audio & mic functionality.
I’m still unsure if it is running 2ch or surround. Need to do more testing.
It feels great anyway though.

First experience on PC was rez infinite.
It definitely added to the experience.
Next on PC was beat saber. Spent an hour or 2 on this & was a blast but some of the haptic locations got a bit hot from the constant bass but not to a point where I was worried too much.
More just i could feel they were hot on me so i gave it a break for 5 to let them cool every now & then.
That is completely standard for all tactile transducers though. If they get worked hard for a long time, they get hot.
Beat saber is a bit non stop so I wasnt surprised.
Next was battlefield v on ps4. Wow. Loved this sooo much.
First time I put it on, I ran up to my friend in game & stood next to him aiming my gun & as he started firing next to me, I could feel the rumble of his machine gun going through me from his direction.
Fighting in a town with explosions going off was so immersive & when somebody threw an incendiary grenade at me, the vest let me know with a rumble all over as I burned lol.
You do get the vibrations from the soundtrack too, but theres no getting away from that other than if you disable music in game I guess.
I dont mind it at all though.
I’ve put about 4 - 5 hours in so far & if I take the vest off, it feels lifeless.
I did test some music & atmos demos which felt good, but gaming is where it is at for me.

This is as far as I have got so far, but I can tell you from experience with tactile transducers, that racing games will be great & space games in vr like elite dangerous will be at a whole new level, as you will feel the rumble of thrusters. I’ll test it out with these in the next few days.

I had 2 friends test this vest (only on battlefield v) & both loved it!
1 friend wants to buy one now as he felt so involved with the game & felt it would keep him more awake & alert when playing late at night.
You will get the most out of this vest using it on games with bangs, explosions, gunshots, rumbles, road noise, engine noise, loud noises, music & anything low pitched & bassey.
At least until somebody uses the developers SDK to make a game where the vest will react to specific things.

I’m not sure how much skyrim will benefit. I will try soon. Im sure it will add to it but I dont think it will be game changing as skyrim can be a quiet game for the most part.
Loud rain should be a treat though.

I do think this vest is going to be too expensive for most people to want to buy one.
I think £250 would be a good price in the future to make it mainstream but what can you do.
You simply can’t get this level of 7.1 haptic feedback at this price at the moment.
It’s a quality product in my opinion & I’m sure it cost a lot in components & development.
I’m still 100% happy I bought it.
Maybe in a few years we will see this price & everyone will want to buy one.


If you can afford it, i say get it it adds a very nice touch to the experience.:star_struck:


Still…in my opinion the price is insane for the effect it is giving… and just a few trasducers.

Do the trasducers get warm during long use at high volume ? I have the Strap and it overheats easily at volume set higher than 65% (around).

The Subpac S2 is way more powerful and with quality sounds emitted, and costs almost half the price of the Woojer Vest.


One size fits all


Hello there, New here to the forum. I’m not a pimax owner but I stumbled across you post regarding the Woojer vest. I see you had success using the vest with your ps4. Can you share how you were able to make it work? I’ve tried the supplies usb cable with no luck. I’ve also tried a 3.5mm cable from my controller to my vest, that has not worked for me either. I currently have a usb Bluetooth transmitter on order. Thanks!


The price is high for what it is & I think most wont want to pay it, but this is 8 transducers for up to 7.1 surround sound with a lot of connecting options.
You cant buy this anywhere else at the moment.

As i stated in my post, they do under constant load at high level but any transducer will get hot when ran constantly at high levels.
Only certain things will do this though. Music with constant low frequencies being one.
You just need to turn them down like with any transducer, if heat is a problem.
I dont think I will have problems in most of the games i play.

You cant really compare these 2 products.
They have a lot of differences.

subpac s2 is 1 bigger transducer for general non directional feedback which just attaches to a chair.

I already own 4 transducers & if I wanted this I would just sit in my sim rig chair, or buy any throne thumper or buttkicker to do a better job.

Did you mean subpac m2x? It’s around £350 but again non directional feedback from 1 transducer.

I’m sure it is good in general & would still add to immersion a lot, but you arent going to get left/right above/below front/back & a combination of those, which you can get from the woojer.
The minimum the woojer kicks out is 2ch left & right.

neither emit sound but I guess you would be right, saying the subpac will be more powerful but thats because it is only 1 bigger transducer instead of 8 smaller ones.

I personally want location specific feedback.
That’s why I backed the woojer.
It’s nice in battlefield for example to feel the direction of the gunfire, explosions etc.

I did look at the subpac m2x a while ago & thought about buying it but decided against it because it was not really anything new from what i already had.


Hi there.
Yes I had success with my ps4 pro.
It picked it up through USB automatically & passed the sound through.
I think it should be the same for the ps4 but I cant be sure.
I have my audio settings, set on auto so if i plug my USB headset in to the ps4 or plug another set in to my controller it will send all audio through.
You may need to change your settings for it to do this.
Also I’m not sure if you can get your audio to send to both the vest & tv/soundbar at the same time unless you split it some other way.
I’m not sure if the ps4 will allow audio to be split to different things at the same time. I’ll have to check.
You may need to use a headset from the 3.5mm Jack on the vest to hear the sound while the vest is running.
The 3.5mm cable from the controller should also work as long as you have your settings set to pass all audio through it when something is connected.
You will however only get 2ch sound this way, but I’m not even sure if the ps4 will output surround to the vest anyway.
Again you may lose audio from tv/soundbar & have yo take it from the 3 5mm passthrough headphone Jack on the vest.
Also regarding blutooth dongle.
I’ve spent a bit of time talking to woojer & looking them up & I think it may be difficult finding one to play nice with the ps4.
Woojer said they are using one to auto connect to the ps4, but they didnt tell me which one.
Windows shouldnt be a problem though.


Even with two channel audio the woojer does an amazing job of changing up the haptic response. It is very song specific not feeling exactly the same when changed. Sound that pans left and right are very cool. There is not a whole lot of it because most recordings are set for low frequencies set to center. Overall it is interesting and adds anouther layer to the experience. Its much like vr and you have to try it to know. Words dont do it justice.


Woojer Haptic Vest Video


Woojer has sent me a new control panel to resolve the power button issue and left channel audio cut out I was getting on headphones.

Still enjoying the experience and got it to work much better with the pimax yesterday by using a usb c connector from the headset to the usb on the woojer.


does the vest give game pc audio force feedback ?


It provides haptic feedback to any audio source. It does add another layer or demention to music and games. It is still very expensive for what it is but as an enthusiasts im glad i got it. Had some one try it today and they used it for about an hour and said it was very cool to try out. I use it in vr and for listening to music when walking the dog.


Is there anything less expensive that would do the same?

After i bought the hardlight vest, i would like to wait before spending a lot for any other vest


Not sure how others compare on price or performance. Its the only one i have ever tried. It would be nice if there was games or apps designed specifically for the woojer i believe it has a lot of potential. But is still enjoyable with stereo sources. If you enjoy listening to music with headphones you will love the woojer.


i think for the best immersion get a TESLA SUIT its about the same price but better…


No games would support that suit. So it would be useless until new games are made that fully support it. Forget about old games. I doubt any old game would made compatible with it. On paper that suit is great. Practically is useless


I would be interested only for games.