Woojer haptic vest


for games only not worth the price at this point but could change with a price drop and some compatibility or a programmability overlay.


Wonder what could i get that is low cost and gives cool feelings while playing games


I have the vest new in box, only tried it once, if someone wants to buy it off me, I might be selling mine. It’s great for FPS games, guns and explosions, if you can get it to do 7.1 over USB even not in VR, but seated FPS game, it’s actually kinda cool as you can feel where the shots and explosions happened (from what direction instead of just hear) but for flight sims and racing games it appears useless so far. Haven’t tried anything in VR yet or anything specifically programmed to take advantage of it.


Have your tried VR pron?


Are you still selling your Woojer Ryg?


Yes next week I will be as I’m away on business right now.


How much for your vest?


It’s selling for $650 new on their site right now, but since I’ve only used it twice, I’d sell it for $600


After the failure of buying the hardlight vest, i am looking at a low cost vest that would have audio haptic feedback amd that would work with any game, vr, non vr and consoles.

Any suggestion please ?

Also, is there anything that is fully wireless?