Woojer ryg haptic vest on Kickstarter. A new toy to use with pimax


https://www.roadtovr.com/haptic-vest-ryg-launches-kickstarter-fully-funded-3-hours/ have just seen & backed this project on Kickstarter.
It looks like a nice bit of kit & will definitely add to immersion of vr. Looks like they plan to ship in december so will hopefully arrive around the same time as my pimax headsets.
It looks kind of like hardlight vr which luckily I passed on as I wasn’t sure it would get proper support.
This looks much much better to me though & although they want devs to support it for some very specific tactile feedback :grinning:, it can be ran from a 5.1 surround sound source or stereo left & right for basic tactile feedback from any game.
Thought maybe some of you guys might be interested


@MarcoBalletta I know you like your vr gadgets


OMG! This could be my next KS pledge!!!

gonna go see what they have to offer backers :smiley:


Thanks for pointing that out to me!
Yes I love all the vr gargets.

For the vest I was looking into this vest that should be for sale around Christmas.

I think you can actually feel bullet hitting you and not just silly vibrations as the hardlight vest for example .

I have been told that the company making it is reliable and in health. So it is a certain product that would last and have a serious technical support


That looks really nice. Gonna probably go with that instead of the ryg one.


Looks pretty cool.
I’m not so sure why we would need speakers in the vest though.
Maybe it isnt aimed directly at vr.
The problem with all these suits is they need developers to implement their sdk into games for them to work.
That’s why I passed on hardlight & why i won’t buy one until it’s so amazing that all developers want to put in the work to implement it in their game.
I think https://teslasuit.io/ will be the big one to make that happen.
I have a SIM rig with 4 tactile transducers & although I have it set up in simtools now, I used to run it off of the sound output like one big tactile transducer.
Its still amazing feeling the rumble of the car engine, the feel of the road surface & all the bumps.
Space & comat flight sims are amazing running like this too, as you feel the thrusters firing up.
Essentially all these vests are capable of giving you the feeling of a bullet hitting you (some better than others depending on the hardware).
The problem is getting developers to do the work to make their game output the data for that.
I think compatability will always be a problem until these vests are selling millions & are a normal accessory for gamers.


OMG, that suit wins!

I think the girl may have swung it for me, lol


I agree with u. The fact that the vest has the speakers , should mean that maybe was not thought natively for vr, but also might give the possibility to enjoy th vest for both vr games and not vr games :slight_smile:

also, I agree all these vest have the same problem of being useless if they can’t be used in any game or just few games.

I am too dying to see rthe tesla suit released, but like you said, how many games would support that high end hardware capability ? :frowning:
I need your help please with sim rig advices.

I am waiting for the 6 dof rig from DOFReality to be completed and be delivered to me.

What would I need to feel the rumble of the car engine, the feel of the road surface & all the bumps and the curbs?

Can you please help me to make better the 6 dof from DOF Reality please ?