Would I be able to hook up ps4 in cinema like screen with Pimax 8k?


Just wondering here as I have a psvr at the moment and you can hook it up to anything really a ps3 will show you a large screen in the headset. A pc does the same its almost like cinema mode screen on any console.

I know pimax uses display ports but you can get stuff like dp to hdmi. So would it work?

Some games are super cool even on ps4 in cinema like gtsport for example its vr content is so limited but the game works and looks so good on cinema mode. I’ve even seen people mod in head movememt with xim and an airmouse for monster hunter.

Course all these would look so good on the pimax if it did work. I hope there’s a solution for this if it does work. Some console games are pretty good. Even if imm all about vr sometimes I’d wanna sit back try a ps4 title on the 8k pimax.

Also If your reading this I played around alot on pc with all the racing sim. So many of those games are poorly optimised for pc I actually worried people will start blaming your pimax for the games inability to optimise properly. *cough pcars2 ** cough cough dirt rally **

Just remember guys there’s 1 racing sim I tried which works exceptionally well. Its called IRacing
Game just works smoothly no problems at all. Please support IRacing with your wide fov from launch. It is the best optimised and cleanest looking vr racing sim out there.


-Work like psvr show large screen display for any console.

-Support IRacing vr best optimised game out there

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Thank you for your time pimax 8kx backer here


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The pimax headsets like Oculus & Vive have no so to speak “standalone” mode. You would need to stream content from your console/device to your pc. Both Xbox & playstation have aps for this.

Now with pimax working on an All in One module if it maintains having an input you might get an option to connect to consoles.

As for games optimized? Yes your right, but this is where unlike consoles you have options to tweak game settings. However ppl do like cranking up settings whether they have the needed components or not.


Also really rooting for this!

I like my Avegant Glyph, but more pixels is always better, also Glyph gives me slight RBE issues (Rainbow Effect, common with DLP tech).


Well found this on the web,seems you can stream at 720p directly to a headset via Trinus and Playstation remote app,not sure if this works on Pimax but in in theory it should with Bigscreen.

I can’t test this as I have been a naughty boy and fiddled with my new PS4
so network is offline for me atm. :smirk:


You could always use a capture device on your computer to get anything into a cinema mode. AntVR is the only one I knew of that does something like this. I didn’t know PSVR did too. The Vrvana Totem was supposed to also but it never got released. The earlier headsets should have tried harder to either not need distortion correction or to correct for it with the hardware in the HMD. Adoption would of increased much faster.