Wouldn't foveated rendering leave the Pimax 8k x obsolete?


only “Wouldn’t foveated rendering leave the Pimax 8k obsolete?” makes sense for me.


Agreed. 8KX would really shine with foveated rendering. 8K isn’t native resolution, so it doesn’t need it as badly.


Weird with Crossfire ypu just need 2 amd gpus the same model that supports it.

You need game devs to support sli ot crossfire.


Yup. Crossfire is better in that way.


If the 8k could run in native resolution with foveated rendering, the 8k x would be pretty unnecessary.


The 8k cannot run in native res. The 8k-x can. Foveate rendering will not change this.


You call the x-version that have native 4k per eye “obsolete” and you say about the 8k version it would be nice to have for it 4k support. Sorry thats really weird. I can´t see any logic in the title of the thread.


I think he’s confused. Foveated rendering cannot bypass the scaler chip, so the 8K will never be able to run native res (it’s always 2560x1440). However, foveated rendering could indeed render the 8K obsolete and really help the 8KX reach its potential.

That being said, I think FR is years away from becoming a mainstream technology.


It could still render it semi-unneeded. Because there’s such low sde, there’s probably a point where supersampling the 8k makes it look super similiar to the 8k x.


No, like neal_white said, foveated rendering would make the regular 8K obsolete, not the other way around. The 8K X would be the one to get as it could foveate at the max resolution possible to wherever needed, wheras the regular 8K would still be lower res. No matter how much you supersample, you still can’t make it look as good as actual additional resolution.


Foveate on the regular 8k may just help lower the gpu requirement like on the 5k. But certainly couldn’t replace the 8k-X


I would like to see fixed foveated rendering on all pimax variants to save computing power in the outer periphery. Maybe asymmetric for the left panel only the left outer quarter and the right panel the right quarter. Of course as an option like the 170° setting. The more options to lower hardware requirementss the better.