Wow The Pimax 5K Plus is great, but I have white pixels flickering help please



I bought a Pimax 5K Plus on eBay from a backer. Unfortunately he did not tell me that there is a problem with white flickering pixels. It’s not always the same it’s on the entire display. Black background is the most noticeable. I have tried other USB ports and display ports without improvement. I read on the Internet that probably only a replacement of the cable helps. On the Discord VoodooDE they advise me to ask for help here. My english is not very good, i hope you understand my problem and you can help me. Thank you.
PS: it is a P2and i have a rtx 2080 software is updated

@mozi @Dallas.Hao


Your English is fine - better than my German :wink:
Unfortunately it does initially sound like your cable, but several people on this forum have have trouble shooted similar problems, so probably in a better place to give advice :+1:


I made a video and photos … hope you can see something


You should create a ticket on this site (separate account from shop and forum):

After doing that and uploading the video/photos @Doman.Chen will probably be passing the issue on to after-sales team (he did that for me and I’m awaiting a new cable).


Doh… I forgot this topic has its owned sticked thread from Pimax, probably worth a read through.