Wow VoodooDE tested the starvr one and he is blown away by it!


They’re not made of glass. They’re very light weight. You can get magnification ones. If you know all the parameters you can basically get almost any refraction built in.
Lens making is centuries old and the dominant companies today have been around for centuries. Technology of the last few decades has brought the industry forward a long way. I think you’ll find they really can do a better job than Pimax…and htc and oculus and so on.
VR is becoming more than a toy now. It needs more than toy lenses. I don’t just mean Pimax.


DJI has a good approach to optics, ie a mirror. Very little chromatic abberation, full resolution, and full panel utilization. 80 degree FOV, but the expanse HMD managed 110. It traded stereoscopy, but if you did what DJI’s goggles do (with polarizatiom film) you could get 3D and huge resolution gain.


Okay glasses vs optics used in projectors, vr headsets etc are not the same. Vr uses 1 set of lenses so image needs to be warped to look right through lenses while making the image appear life size. Projectors use multiple lenses to warp compress image then uses another lens reverse the warp & enlarge image.

But your free to try & order lenses to your specifications and let us know how they worl out. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


No I mean Pimax would have to work with a lens manufacturer to work out all the parameters needed and then still do a distortion correction algorithm to deal with the warping etc.

I’m not sure where the projector lenses come into it. I was just talking about Pimax outsourcing the lens to a lens manufacturer, the design that is as well as the manufacturing.



I went to the GTC Europe organised by NVIDIA and there was some demos of starVR. I can confim that it was awesome! I have Pimax 4K and I didn’t try the 5K or 8K so I can only compare with the 4K or the classic oculus and HTC around.

First I didn’t see any flaw in the the display, compared to the 4K. It terms of resolution, it is more or less the same at least I didn’t notice any difference, but I didn’t see any ghosts when moving or black pixels falling (is it what some people call the god’s ray?). But to be honest, it doesn’t make such a difference that would justify to pay a much higher price

The integrated tool for adjusting the IPD to your eyes is fantastic! So easy and quick! I still don’t understand how to do it with the PiMax!

The field of view is scary. I thought these high end headset were all very good VR to fill immersed, like you are in. But suddendly the 210 degrees make you feel like you are there, not in! No snokerling mask around that sort of protect you and reminds you that are just screens. This time, you are there and that feels like a kind of next level of immersion. No escape anymore… I cannot compare with the PI 8K as I haven’t tried it. But yes, this full view is something…


Thanks David. Sounds awesome just like MRTV reported. I hope the release of the 5k brings down the price


Wow, you sure know how to sell it, LOL, man this sounds just so awesome. I’m literally checking their website and twitter account every single day but they only seem to recycle old articles on their twitter account and no word about pricing/availability. When Sebastian visited they said ‘soon’, but that’s already 1.5 month ago … The wait is painful, even more so after your post :wink:


Yeah what are these fuc#ers upto? Is the enterprise market really worth it?


Might be related to valves’s LH supply as 1 of the reasons not released.


The Pimax is good enough and still awesome and very affordable.

It will be stupid spending much more than $1200 on this thing because the other techs will be coming out quickly and like everything Star will be old and obsolete soon enough.

Before we all drown in orgasm I’m a bit concerned they are refusing to tell us the resolution…kinda the most important thing!! Voodoo asked several times and each time he dodged the Q. All we get is “16million subpixels”. By my calcs the 5K+ is over 21million and the 8K (going by Geoff’s 30-50% extra by area) is over 30million subpixels, pretty much DOUBLE what there is in the Star. And that’s the ‘crappy’ current 8K with lower subpixels that we’re complaining about. Just wait till we have 8K+ soon.
I know they have 100% utilisation but still this is a low resolution even when corrected.

Whilst yes this is awesome in terms of FR and lens and FOV it seems to lag in the most crucial area.

So yeah it’s definitely cool but I really don’t think it’s wise to splash out on this like it’s the holy grail because it’s not. The resolution even now is subpar and that will be even more evident in the coming months.


Well exactly like Pimax is refusing to tell us the panel type, panel size and display utilization. But I agree, I’d wish too that companies were just telling their clients exactly what it is that they’re selling.

Any resolution/SDE calc is invalid without panel utilization numbers.

Isn’t the most crucial aspect the FoV? This is a 210 degrees HMD (although we’d still need to confirm that, who knows that’s diagonal too), while the pimaxes basically are 140, at least, that’s the FoV everybody seems to be running them on due to distortion and performance issue’s. Like described above, not seeing any edges anymore really makes you feel you’re there. That’s in the end what we all want.

But yeah you do have a valid point if it’s a smart thing or not to spend that much money on ANY hmd right now when we know that next year is going to be big in terms of panel tech coming out and both the pimaxes and StarVR will most likely be outperformed by new HMD’s within a year. I’m honestly still not sure what I’m willing to spend on it. I’ve just coughed up $6000 for a TV, but that’s a TV I will use for 5 years. If it’s just for one, it becomes a different story … Then again, StarVR seems to have gotten pretty much everything right (except resolution maybe) so it might be hard to improve on that, at least on short term basis. It’s going to be much easier to improve on the pimaxes.


Fair points yes.

Can’t argue with any of that.


Again I cannot compare with the Pimax 5K or 8K as I didn’t try them. But the field of view makes a real difference. Regarding the resolution; the StarVR tech people recognised that it is lower than the Pimax, but they argue the resolution is not all, quality of optics and pixels is as much if not more important. I will agree on that, a factor of 2 in the number of pixel is not really an improvement if the optic and the pixel matrix is not good enough. There is a Youtube video comparing the Pimax 5K and 8K and it seems you get a better quality with the 5K… Saying that I just say that the StarVR is amazing, but I am looking forward to put a hand on one Pimax 5K or 8K, I am pretty sure I will enjoy it as much as the StarVR for a cheaper price!


First of all, thank you very much for your impressions zyx. Can you please answer a few questions…

1)Did you inquire as to when they will make an announcement regarding price and availability? If so, what was their answer? I wish we could at least get a BALLPARK range as to when the HMD will drop.

2)How was the brightness, contrast and black levels of the unit?

3)Despite the low resolution, did you see any screendoor effect what so ever in the unit?

4)Did they mention whether or not the unit will be compatible with SteamVR enabled games?

Please let me know.


Hi Isamu,
When I discovered the StarVR at the conference, I didn’t know about it, I was just passing by, I didn’t run any proper “review”. I played a very short sequence, a lot of people were queuing. All I can say:

  1. I think they said that they were thinking about a public release, so it didn’t seem to me that it will happen anytime soon
  2. Brightness and contrast looked good to me, but I didn’t think about analysing it really…
  3. I was warned that the resolution was maybe lower, but I didn’t feel any difference compared to the Pimax 4K
  4. We didn’t discuss about steamVR compatibility
    Sorry, not very helpful, I was there for another kind of work, just having a short entertaining break. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your impressions

Resolution seemed the same as the P4K. That’s good to hear

Hopefully the release of the 5K+ will convince them to lower the price