Wrong lenses? Broken hardware?


Hello! My pimax 4k have really blurry lenses in the middle. I have tried to adjust pretty much everything alot of times now without any positive results… And if i tilt them i can actually see that the lenses are blurry in the center on both eyes and no the are not dirty… So is there a way to get lenses that is not faulty?

Not only that they have one pixel black on the right eye and there is a place on the right eye that looks like a light neon green “tree” like there is a crack in the lcd? I got them 4days ago. bought them from ali express



Can you take a pic of the issue you have described?

Either way it sounds like a defective unit.

I have added a poke to support. If defective you will need to rma as per Ali express procedures.


I will try to take a pic but not sure if it will work… I really dont want to go thru ali express because it took about 6weeks just to get the item after i bought it… :frowning: anyone know if there is a possible way to buy just new lenses somewhere? The dead pixel i can live with but not the blurryness. It is almost unplayable right now :confused:


Hi @Kizen, sorry for the situation you have encountered. Could you please provide the first nine serial number of the helmet?