X-plane Oculus home and Pimax5k+



I just got my 5k+ today. I’m trying to launch x-plane from its desktop shortcut. It’s a stand-alone application. When I launch it SteamVR closes and the main menu for x-plane opens. Loading a flight often results in a crash to desktop. I’m also noticing oculus is opening on the desktop when I launch the sim.

Anyone else have issues with apps or games which have native oculus and openVR implementation being confused during launch.

Should I kill all oculus processes in task manager or do I need to remove oculus home altogether?


@yanfeng might know something as a simmer


I can launch X-plane on 5K+ fine with or without Oculus process running.


Steam version or stand-alone?

Something very weird is going on. SteamVR crashes every time I launch xplane and I get the pimax logo in the headset before x-plane opens. I can get to the main menu but x-plane then crashes when I start a new flight.


Mine is stand-alone version.
What’s your GPU? I used to crash a lot when I was running 1080 and high graphic setting on Samsung Odyssey. It’s too demanding for CPU and GPU power and memory. Try lowering the setting and see if it helps.


I’m using stand-alone latest version. 1080ti, 5.1ghz 7700k and 32gig of ram. I’ll try lower settings. It has worked a few times with the exact same settings and flight loaded. On those occasions steamVR did not close. Its when steamVR shuts down and oculus software opens automatically that I have the crash, which is weird. Nothing in my crash logs.


When I run x plane on my Odyssey+ the Oculus software starts, but SteamVR keeps running too. I can then close the Oculus software and x plane and steamvr keep running fine.
I think your problem may be with whatever is causing steamvr to close.


I solved the issue. The steamVR and x-plane crashes were caused by my cpu overclock. I dialed it back from 5ghz to 4.9ghz and all is fine. I guess it wasn’t as stable as I thought it was. I’m now running the same settings as I had with Rift at 1.6. Pitool at 1 and steam SS at 100%. Thanks for your input guys.


Awesome news. Yeah overclocking can cause instabilities. Why I myself let my Ryzen & 1080ti look after themselves. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: