X-Plane11 with 5k+




Since I missed the KS campaign, I have preordered a 5k + to be used exclusively for X-Plane11.
Has anyone tried the 5k+ with X-Plane11 using a GTX 1080ti ?
Would appreciate your thoughts.
Thank you!



Have you checked the videos on @SweViver YouTube channel. He is a big ambassador for pimax and has done specific videos on x plane 11 with pimax using 1080ti and 2080ti. Highly recommended. Probably my favourite flight sim in vr also. Have you tried the orbx true earth scenery?


Thank you for the heads up.
I have seen swevivers videos, but I wanted to hear from other users as well, since his rig is heavily overclocked.
I don’t use orbx. I have created all of Europe in ortho4xp, including GB.


Do you have Aerofly fs2? the performance is much better and the graphics are stunning. I will use that one the 8k i think


Thank you for your insights!
I do have Aerofly FS2, but only on my iPad. While I have read that the performance is much better, the other limitations of FS2, like limited geographical area and very limited system depth and system functionality, keep me away for the moment. However, I will give it a try once I have received my 5k+, which will take a while.
I am deeply involved in XP and want to know how other simmers use the 5k+ in X-Plane11.


oke true, i just fly for fun :slight_smile: there are a few downloadable maps, i recently got a very realistic one for ORBX the netherlands my own country, its stunning. Hope you get the info you want with the 5k and brainwarp will work! With wmr xplane is locked at 45 fps with repojection technique and its buttersmooth


sounds good. Thanks again!


The new Orbx TrueEarth Britain South for XP11 is about 30 fps with mid gaphics setting on my I9-9900/GTX 2080Ti, Pitool 1.25/SS 60%, Normal FOV. With XP11 default scenery it’s more playable.

FPS wise, Aerofly FS 2 is much better. Over 80 FPS for Orbx Netherland Amsterdam with max graphics setting.


Think brainwarp required for this one?
Very playable on my vive pro using reprojection.


The problem is their outdated shit engine (similar problem like American Truck Simulator). If I remember correctly, X-Plane uses only one CPU core at the moment, so this game is heavily CPU-bound. They want to implement Vulkan to increase performance, but no ETA. Seems like the devs are busy with milking their userbase with tons of DLCs instead…


I’m waiting for Vulcan and Multi-core coding too, but: No. Just no.


Get OrbX Britain, it has better Ortho and hand painted corrections along with custom autogen for British buildings and hundreds of custom POI’s.
SP1 should be out soon which will add even more POI and change the autogen roads to more suit UK.
Xplane is a struggle in VR though, even with a 1080Ti - will probably need to wait for Vilakn implementation and Pimax brainwarp to get the detail and performance to make Xplane worthwhile over other sims in VR.


The new OrbX Britain really does look good - seems like a step up from previous scenery packs.

xPlane is so CPU bound that I think that making it properly multithreaded is even more important than the port to Vulkan as far as frame rates go. I built a new computer recently (still with my previous graphics card - a GTX680) and the frame rate doubled.


I took some time away from x-plane and returned recently and the performance improvement is huge. During that time I overclocked my cpu to 4.9Ghz but it only gave a very modest boost in most games.
Surely this jump is part of their upgrades and not all the overclock. I noticed things like “New shaders as part of port to Vulkan” in the update log.
I can now fly the 737 over cities at night with high settings. I’ve been waiting for this.


AeroFly FS2 is limited like hell, it’s very static expirence . I can recommend it only for 15 min demo session with friends. Planes behave very unrealistic. Gfx is fine but only on high alt. Near ground this gfx is very very… flat.:slight_smile: except Orbx DLC maps


I tried Aerofly fs2 and it was just so ridiculously unrealistic flying. There are no realistic physics.

They’re decades behind the main sims. They present as if starting with more optimised vr graphics is the advantage that will put them ahead. Then you play it and realise they’re literally decades behind.

Worth a look in 20 years.


What do you mean by “unrealistic flying”? I have not flown any real planes, but have read several testimonies from real pilots that the air dynamics of Aerofly FS 2 is as good as other major civilian flight simulators.


@Yata_PL. You wrote:

“Gfx is fine but only on high alt. “

I do not know the meaning of Gfx. What does Gfx mean or stand for?


I am a retired pilot and have flown many types of aircraft. No flight simulator can truly replicate real flight. However of all simulators out there, X-Plane has the best flight model by far.


Gfx is an abbreviation for “graphics”.



Thank you!