X-Plane11 with 5k+



I get this shimmering too. Its most visible in simulator games, which is all I really play. DCS, X Plane and Elite Dangerous all show shimmering. Enabling SMAA in ED helps, but the other games dont support it. I think TAA would help in DCS as it uses deferred rendering but there’s no option, not sure about X Plane. AFS2 is nice with Advanced Anti Alias enabled in the options but as people have said, its very basic from a sim point of view but it does look nice and run very well.

I think the 5k+ suffers from aliasing and shimmering most, but provides the best clarity in cockpits compared to the 8k which seems to naturally anti-alias by the fact the pixel grid is not orthogonal. Hopefully there will be a solution to this soon, some settings in Nvidia control panel help a bit though such as “Texture filtering = High Quality” among others.


I didnt think Nvidia control panel or Inspector AA settings had any effect in XP11 or in VR for that matter?

I’ve been able to cure my shimmering. Had to use a clean install of windows + my full install of xp11 to prove/do it.

Something was amiss with my steamvr settings in the full install and i had to turn off hdr and turn off 2ssa+fxaa in favor of medium visual + AAx4. If you use the former it is horridly shimmery and something in my full install’s steamvr settings even made aax4 look rather bad.

End result, smoothish flying at true earth south around stapleford, 32-36 fps with medium objects set. Issue: ground blurring as you turn/tilt the wings.

Has anyone been able to cure this blurring (akin to asw off with rift), i’m assuming only cure is 45 fps + 90hz, i think i did try 72hz to no avail and 3jfps / vmi twick really didnt help, nor did the external frame rate limiter which i set to 30 and it did hold 30, but the ground still blurs… still felt fluid enough though, but kinda distracting. And fov normal vs full etc didnt seem to hurt frame rate.

I am seeing distortion on extreme right/left of goggles… but i think this is normal


I can’t xplane11 to work at all with 121. Had to revert to 109.


I have i7 6700K and GTX 970. Experience is so far quite good via SteamVR and parallel projections activated. I anm now adding scenery addons to see if it creates any problem.
At the moment I am running X plane with free Global Ortho scenery and some Ortho4XP at Zoom 17 and 18 and w/overlays.


I had things running better, 35fps+, then 2 days later went to retry things and its barely getting 10 or 15 fps. No idea why, really frustrating, as if i switch to another steamvr title, works fine.


Good morning

I have a i7 6600 and GTX 970. I am running x plane 11.32 with

  • Visual effects (high)
    -Texture quality (high)
    Anything higher is provoking stutter and freezes.
    I know, I need to upgrade the PC. With those settings, it is still nice to fly over the world with fps > 30.



saw your post on your settings. I saw you are using 2ssaa… i’ve found 2saa creates too many shimmers and jaggies.

With hdr off and AA at x4 things seem much better.

I’ll have to try your 1.25 and 60% SS though, still struggling here a bit (avg 28-34 fps) 1080ti and 5.0ghz 8700k. I assume by 60% this means the video option, override checkbox then set to 60% there and leave application at 100% I’ve also seen it mentioned to try as high as 1.5 or 1.75 PT and 80% on SS (but maybe at the non hdr and AAx4 with lower objects) Need vulkan sooner than later.


I have seen that moving sliders of resolution in Steam VR without touching anything in Pitool (except paralell proyection) is quite impressive even for my small config. What are your settings in SteamVR ?