X Rebirth and PIMAX 4K


Hi all

Have you already try to run X Rebirth VR with our healdmet ?? I try it but the soft can’t run the VR with our PIMAX…

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Hi Fred if X Rebirth is not have native vr revive might work @Enopho has gotten Dying Light working


Hi don’t have x rebirth… I did have x3 but could not get into it. If it’s not much $$ I might take a look and see if revive will work on it


Hi !! I forgot to specify that it’s the X rebirth VR, and it seems that the soft recognise our HMD as a HTC vive but can’t activate it… the option stay in gray color.

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In last build egosoft add option to force OSVR work. Try this:
Option 1:
Start the game with commandline parameter “-openvr_force_proximity” (without the “”)
Option 2:
Add the following line to the config.xml in the game-directory (somewhere inside the block):
Original post on Egosoft The Open Source VR thread
Tell me will work or not, while I’m waiting for my PIMAX 4k.


Hi, sorry for this late reply.
THanks for this proposals i’ll try asap.

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I got a pimax two days ago and also tried to run the game, it works! Looks and feels great!


i have nolo vr controllers and they dont seem to have analog triggers.
what controllers are you using?