"Xtal HMD" new king of VR headsets according to Sweviver



Didn’t have the courage to do the convertion in CAN :sunglasses:


If I’m crazy enough can I buy one as a non professional and will it work with all steam vr and Oculus games? I’m happy with my 8k but the rendering Resolution that is cut in half and the perceived resolution that is atleast doubled is more than sexy!


We could do with a " vive pro gear lens mod " equivalent for the pimax


Same resolution than Pimax but they are using much bigger panels it seems, meaning less magnification but the resulting headset size isn’t very consumer friendly.


Don’t think they are using so much bigger displays, maybe 6 inch but most of the internal space is taken but the IPD mechanism. Because the panels are moving the internal space must be kept to slide the panels on the sides.

They could effectively reduce somewhat the magnification by reducing the vertical FOV. If you look carefully the lower and upper part of the lens are cut ( unlike most headsets where the lens are diagonally cut near the nose

mechanical front facing diagram of the XTAL headset


Well keep in mind unless the RdToVR article had a detail wrong the FoV is diagonal. So Xtal will have more ppd. The Article in Dec 2018 said they managed to bump it to 180 Diagonal. The displays are likely to have less angled pitch than pimax & starVR as a result.


this exact quote from the manufacturer is :slight_smile:

“Field of view: up to 180º (based on focus setting) (updated 12/2018)”

Then again if we are talking about diagonal field of the FOV ( that is meaning less… I can give you a 220 diagonal FOV headset with only 25 degrees horizontal FOV)

Found the real quote!

With 180° diagonal FOV, no blurring, and spatial 3D sound from a built-in sound card, you’ll forget there’s another reality. XTAL will completely immerse you, whether you are training or in a simulation.

So this explain it all.


or $7699.86 AUD that is a crazy amount of money


Martin what was the perceived H&V FOVs of the XTAL in ROV_TEST?


I think I’d first buy one of those $7000 Nvidia cards first. Then a roadside TV for the backyard. Lol


Looks like I and many others here can pay extra for an optional lenses customized plain or aspherical

@Dallas.Hao please consider this idea and disscus with team


I believe some could make even better HMD for like a million but I care about it not more than a new laborghini.


OMG, the screenshots comparisons. The want, the need.

@neal_white_iii, I’d like your thoughts on this. Native res, screen utilization, lenses etc.

The StarVR also uses the whole screen. I remember them talking about it in a video where @VoodooDE visited them.


I personally would only consider getting an xtal headset if they can offer a version of their headset that has field of view bigger than the pimax and as big as the one offered by the starvr headset .

I hope they will do that and i made that request already in the past to their team via email.


But then with the actual technologies the image would be worse or equivalent to the Pimax. I love wide FOV headsets enough to be tiresome for some friends, but if I can I would take colors, contrast and resolution and less GPU power required way before some extra FOV beyond 150-160 degrees.

Maybe I’m just too poor for this hobby :wink:


The Xtal HMD sounds like something I’d buy, if I wasn’t a frugal person. :smiley: Based solely on @SweViver’s video, it sounds like a quality product, with a better experience than anything else currently available, unless you have a military/commercial-sized budget. It should, for that price tag.

What I like best about the Xtal is that it pushes VR progress forward. This product sets a new goal for all. I’d like to think that Pimax could have similar or better consumer model for a price I’d be willing to pay. Not this year, but in the not-too-distant future.


StarVR still hasn’t been verified properly on claimed Horizontal FoV. The Xtal should because of lower FoV (180 Diagonal) & better quality optics (custom Aspherical) while having less FoV (not much less than pimax - Negiglible) due to better ppd & optics would have a much cleaner & stronger visual clarity. Other than the price & weight a better headset.

We’d need to know the price of Eye Tracking to see how much difference in price.


Don’t forget, and admittedly myself never talked about it! the panels on the Pimax headset don’t move so we lose another 10%-20% PPI their. Makes me wonder, if PIMAX didn’t push the envelop to much for the FOV… Imagine if XTAL is using the same panels as the Pimax XR

‘I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high’


but the rendering Resolution that is cut in half and the perceived resolution that is atleast doubled is more than sexy!

LOL Yes, yes it is indeed.


But i personally would not like to spend that big amount of money on an headset just for improved clarity.

I would only spend that big amount of money for my next headset to only go to a bigger fov with much better clarity, no sde etc