"Xtal HMD" new king of VR headsets according to Sweviver



This is why i would personally wait. That big amount of money for just improved clarity , colors, contrast , resolution, less gpu etc , is not somethig i would spend the money on.

If to the improves above than they add also a full human sight field of view, then i would consider to spend that money.

Also someone has to fix the "no wireless " connection problem for these bigger fov headsets, because the way i want to use them (move freely in my play area) , makes me miss the tpcast on the vive.


I hear you on that side of things. But to try onr in a commercial space. It could be the difference of looking through a distorted window with a warp vs standing outsids to look.


The thing is that i am happy with whatver the visual the 8k gives that i can’t see worth in that amount of money to spend for that quality to be better.

But this is in theory. Without trying the xtal headset, i can’t be sure that to my eyes those quality inprovements are worth the money to invest in or not


Holy crap. 5 Thousand US dollars. I will pass.


I think I’d first buy one of those $7000 Nvidia cards first. Then a roadside TV for the backyard

Although it’s not the area I work in (I ‘merely’ got to test the old Hololens prototype and 360 VR for web and OTT apps hehe), I did have a chance to nose around a few of our CGI servers…£6000+ Quadros and £8000+ Matrox cards :astonished:…all used for broadcast standard CGI for TV etc. Best not to cook them…

Might borrow one of those, buy an XTAL, and use a Samsung Wall for those tired non-VR days :smiley: