Yet another 8K vs 5K+ question


So like many im hesitating between the 8K and 5K+…

To me its seems like the 5K+ is the “logical” choice based on the existing discussion and reviews.

But my main question is: What is Pimax plan for the 8K?

I ask this because as it is right now, the 5K+ is what makes sense to me, but the fact that the 8K is showing an upscaled 1440p resolution make me think that if it would be possible to change the based resolution or if Pimax decide to increase that based resolution, the 8K would become a clear winner (at least that what i think).

But the “plans” seems unclear or maybe im not looking at the right places?

Im wondering if im alone in that boat?


IIRC, they said the input resolution is not changeable. I think it’s just how the upscaler works. It wouldn’t surprise me if they could lower the input resolution to 1080p, but I don’t think it’ll go higher than 1440p.


Bridge chip limitation. If the bridgechip won’t support higher res. It would also require swapping this component. Maybe a lower refresh might allow a higher input res if the bridgechip can support it - big maybe.

The 8k though will likely improve over time with software & hardware(gpu) improvements. Much like the 4k did.


Do you feel like the 5K+ have less potential to improvement overtime?

Basically it all relies on the upscaler to have a better algorithm. But a big IF


No both can benefit from software & gpu updates.

However the 5k+ is physically limited to its panel’s resolution.

The 8k can potentially match 5k+ with software hardware gpu improvements. But has the benefit of more physical resolution.

As I have said & others the 8k’s softness/blur has been over emphasized. And some are seeing the blocky sharpness vs finer smoother but soft/blur.

Both headsets will eventually reach their respected ceilings.


I’d like to know where the 5k BE will fall. I love the colors and blacks of my Odyssey + and I “may” change from a 5k+ to the BE.


More sde than Vive Pro & Regular Odyssy.


It’s too bad pimax just didn’t scrap the 170 FOV, and instead did 150 FOV and gave the 5k+ the same res over that smaller space which would have meant even more pixel density and less SDE.


I never though i would be so indecisive lol. I was going all the way for the 5K+ based on the review but now im starting to doubt it.


I suggest ranking the pros and cons of each headset, based on your own priorities. For the longest time, I thought I’d get a 5K+, but finally decided that (for me) black levels and color accuracy were most important, so I officially chose the 8K.

The headsets are more similar than they are different, so either choice is “ok”.


Than the regular odyssey? Was that coming from Pimax or someone else?


Here a link with Pics of 8k/5k+ & 5kBE/Vive.

If you read overvsome of the recent meetups folks have been comparing.


I wonder about the wireless module, for VR the latency has to be low for immersion. The upscaler in the 8K gives extra latency already, will 8K be possible with the wireless module?


@park made very small photos, in which the difference in quality is poorly visible.
But nevertheless, I compared 8K and 5K + in an enlarged form. And we are watching a more noticeable SDE at 5K+ :point_right: :notebook:



Nice, good photos, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:
As I understand it, on top of 5K +, and below 8K :roll_eyes:


which is which in the full files? but they are different!


with the small pictures I prefer the 8K!


8K which is down below?
In general, I compared the originals with thumbnails, and indeed, by all coincidences, 8K is below :slightly_smiling_face:


I can say that SDE on 5K + is more noticeable.
But 5K + also has advantages: straight lines run smoothly.
On 8K, SDE is less noticeable, but it is clear that he does not succeed in straight lines. Actually, now I understand the difference in clarity between 5K + and 8K due to straight lines.

Compared both together: