Yet another 8K vs 5K+ question


Judging by the jaggies that looks probably right.


The 8k you can see the Fawcet & stairs have fuller detail.


Yes, there is such a moment, but there are slightly different perspectives. Well, another 5K + a little further distance to objects. I noticed this by comparing directly full shots.
But in general, yes, 8K seems to have a bit more detail.


The 8K looks blocky :joy:


That’s on the outside. :blush:


That is great! thanks.

On of my concern would be to know if i would shoot myself in the foot by getting the 8K over the 5K+.

What i mean is that 8K seems very nice but would i have performance issues with my 1080TI vs the 5K+.

Maybe ill be able to use the 5K+ max out at 90hz but with the 8K i will have to lower my setting to have a comfortable experience? :confused:

To me yes, SDE is a bit annoying, but performance is a lot more important.

I think i should trust my initial opinion on this one and get the 5K+ which seems more of a safe bet :slight_smile: But now 5K+ or 5K+ BE? :stuck_out_tongue:

But serious, is the 5K+ BE in production? Anyone received it just yet? No reviews?


This is more of a subjective question.

I myself have no real trouble with games on tge 1080 ti running either on the same settings. But a lot will be dependent on the games you want to run.


At 8K, the straight lines look a bit broken, notched, jagged.

@Heliosurge, @Ludx, interesting, is it just a frame like this, or in 8K do all straight lines really seem so weird, jagged?
Honestly, I don’t really want to see such straight jagged lines in the HMD. Or maybe a snapshot just turned out a little bad, catching 8K in jagged lines?

Still, this is not an enlarged photo, but the originals, on which the irregularities of the straight 8K lines are noticeable…


I chose 8K, because I am against SDE, and also I get better colors and black. Well, the 8K still has a higher resolution on the idea …
Yes, performance is now better with software updates.

But at 5K BE, I think SDE will be the worst for you.


I have an 8k and 1080ti and most games run pretty well with a bit of tweaking.


Do you notice broken jagged straight lines at 8K? You already have a lot of experience.


i think jagged straight lines is inevitable based on the pixel arrangement on the 8K.


But if the 5K+ doesn’t require any (or less) tweaking, then its a plus for the 5K+ :confused:


It is, of course, sad that the straight lines of 8K look jagged, as if there is not enough smoothing like a ladder … This is especially noticeable on the white pillar, on the ladder.
I understand that I just have to accept this?:roll_eyes:


Sadly i think it is one of the cons…


Shouldn’t be jagged. At least not in my experience. The capture sensor on his galaxy phone has likely cause this.

Diagonal lines will look perfect.


In correct. Both need tweaking.


Yes, I actually did not notice such a strong effect on straight lines on any photo of SweViver.
Apparently, it’s really not a good shot here at 8K …

There may be a residual frame superimposed on another frame, or something like that.
Or else it is not known what happened there, the aliens gnawed a pillar and a ladder :laughing:


I want to see Movies and play some games.I hate SDE , but my GPU is an 1080. Is that enough to have fun with it?


I mean when i take the 8K!