Yet another 8K vs 5K+ question


On some games without anti aliasing yes, but mostly not.
There is my english video playlist from my youtube channel dedicaced to 8K VR :


It pleases that there is no such thing in most :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes, thanks, I watched your new videos. They also helped me choose 8K. When you said that you can see far away in Project Cars 2 and not cling eyes to the pixels. I was impressed, of course. Because for me, the first sign of a good SDE is when you do not cling to the SDE on the horizon in the distance, yes. And 8K :boom: in this regard should surpass all other headsets, I hope (well, except perhaps Pimax 4K)


How come you are so sure of that? more than 5k+, i definitely think so, but

why more than vive pro?


So i choose the 5K+ in the survey. But im its im so not sure of my decision lol.

Everytime i read a post i change my mind. no(less) SDE, better color vs Clarity and better performance… :confused:

I do have a question which i may have already asked, but lets do it again :slight_smile: With a 1080TI will i be able to run game at with significant higher settings on the 5K+ than on the 8K?

If this is not the case, then probably ill switch to the 8K…


Thanks for the video of your experiences. :+1: Your English is much better than my French! (I only had 2 years of study in high school.) Also, your accent is fine; I had no trouble understanding you. :slight_smile:


You should be fine for movies… Ludx was using a 1060 6g testing things & fresco was testing his 980 ti on the 8k


If you’re that close, you’ll probably be fine with either. Most folks won’t notice SDE, colors, etc after the first few minutes in game (you probably know if you’re one of the exceptions, if you don’t know you probably aren’t). So it’s just the first few minutes / moments that you are talking about where the 5K+ and 8K pros are cons are noticeable (with the exception of text which will always be better in the 5K+).


Core view area of overlap will have a resolution akin to Deepoon E3 & og Pimax BE.

If you remove the peripheral view area you have something around 1 Qhd Oled (slightly more) in small fov.

So that’s why worst sde than Vive pro.

Plus Pimax 5k BE only has 1440 vertical res vs Vive Pro’s 1600. The Vive pro is also cramming more res into it’s FoV horizontally at 2880.


yes for Movies i know. But what about games…skyrim or something else


@Heliosurge Is it true that the image on the 8K is sharper on the small FOV than on the normal FOV ?


Thank you :smiley:
I think it get better but I still hesitate too much when talking, working on it, now I make all my videos in french and english ^^

@rallivr Yes 1080 is way enough, skyrim run really good, most games run good only Project cars 2 and DC are pain to run correctly.


Skyrim should be good. @fresco has been testing that on his 980ti.

1080 should work reasonably depending on settings & what you accept for quality.

Games I have that should run well

  • Eve GunJack
  • InMindVR
  • Distance
  • Skyrim (based on fresco’s feeback)
  • Megaton Rainfall
  • BeatSaber
  • Climbtime
  • SublevelZero

So you shouls be good. Til an upgrade option is available. @SweViver has done numerous videos on running on his 1070 laptop.

As @ludx said most games should run decent; just really demandings like Hellblade could be tricky & require a lot of lost visuals to run well.

Once more users have headsets we can compare notes on settings profiles for Gpu.


I haven’t fully tested this but yes depending on the game/program small fov is sharper. Ie I found that in EthanCarter but even in small fov not very playable due a text convergence issue.

But @Skyrimer reported text looked good on small Fov in Bigscreen Beta I think it was.


probably, but we know that res is only one of many factors for SDE. Till now we don’t know anything about the ppi of the screens they use despite beeing pentile. We also do not know anything about the magnification ratio, only to name 2 very important factors. I’m not saying you’re wrong with your assumption but I don’t get how you can be that sure.


The lenses will be the same ones in the 5k+ & 8k.

Knowing how the 5k+ looks through the lense the pentile effect will be worst than the 5k+.

Plus based on users whom have written about it at the meets. Some have said just seems to be better than Rift & OG Vive. Plus i think @Century pulled up some good shots from @park’s original post.

If the firmware poke did identify the oled screen accurately it is also physically bigger than the 8k’s panel which would mean less panel utilization. (I will presume though the panel used should be the same size as 8k or 5k+ - as there are lots of qhd oled screens out there).

This is also why the 5k+ can compete with the Vive Pro & Odyssy is because it is Full RGB vs the pentile screens. The Subpixel Resolution is higher on the 5k+.

Deepoon e3 & OG Pimax BE both used a single Qhd Oled screen. There are video compares on these on youtube.


But why ? @Dallas.Hao So the 8K screen can output sharp image in small FOV but not in normal FOV. This means the 8K panels are capable of outputting sharp images. The question is why there is blurriness in normal FOV ? Could it be because of the upscaler or it’s just a software rendering issue ? Or is there some hidden Super sampling done by PiTool when using the small FOV ?

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I have a theory about this.
Its the (plague) Parallel Projection, its change ratio of the image, like a lot and when this is activated with normal or large FoV the ratio is just silly.
I think SteamVR doesnt like this.
SteamVR been updated yesterday and today, now is 1.1.4, maybe its better, have to try again but to have games looks correctly I use Pitool set a 1.5 or 1.25, unfortunately its GPU eater.

Please @Dallas.Hao is there a way to fix the ratio or get rid of Parallel Projection?
Not even talking about the 15 or 20 frames per second we loose when using it, but it might be related to this clarity loss.

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No it means that some programs are likely being forced to support normal & large FoV.

Nothing to do with the panels but program support.


That can be addressee directly only by passing thru the upscaler chip this reduce SDE nothing else… My Samsung OD+ have a very pleasant image but the original Odyssey is more sharp and contains more information.

No way around the input resolution is the limitation after that you go for a more pleasing image to your taste could be or not the 8K. The 5K+ will always have a tad sharper image than the 8K even with the fastest GPU

“matching” in not the good term, “close to” would be better.


Better for long distance objects which is the most important to me for immersion.
And the upscaler works pretty well actually, everyone is bashing it for month without even tried it correctly.
I mean with the right settings, not just pitool @ 1.0 and Steamvr at 200% or what…best settings are 1.5Pitool with auto SteamVR.
Yes text is sharp and clear on the 5k+ but I dont have this headset for reading or desktop use, its for games only.
Probably easier to aim pixels with the 5k+ but with 8k there are just no pixels and this is (to me) as much amazing than the FoV.