Yet another "where is my headset?" post


So, where is my headset?

I’m backer 1770 for an 8KX, and opted for an 8K loaner headset.
On the first 2 spreadsheets I was listed as unconfirmed, I submitted support tickets asking if my order was confirmed and pimax said it was. On the latest spreadsheet my backer num wasn’t even listed anymore. Submited another ticket asking if it shipped yet and this is all I got .

Dallas Hao

2019/04/08 11:07

Your order is confirmed, my colleague is arranging the shipment

This was a month ago and nothing since, in fact every ticket takes at least a month before I get a response…

All 8K headsets were supposedly shipped months ago, so, where is mine?


Hey I just wanted to confirm you are replying to the tickets and not the emails. They dont respond to emails.


Yes support tickets. Got no response at all to any emails.


Finally got a response, it was less than helpful.

#### Derek VVV

Yes we promised to loan the 8K, but at present we have a tight supply for 8K,
you may find in our website , the 8K has been stopped,
hope we can do the 8K loan in the future.

Guess I will never get a loaner headset. I wouldn’t mind a 5K just to have something to use. Maybe in another 2 years when the 8KX actually is released I will get something.