Youtube 8k 360 videos.Pimax 5k+ & 8k


Does anybody try youtube 8k 360 videos on pimax-8k or 5k+. Please give us feed back.

How is clarity. SDE, blurriness, chromatic aberration etc etc…


From what I’ve read Pimax can’t do 360 content very well as the huge resolution and FOV ends up looking like 720p or worse. So, blurred.

Jump to 13:44 to Sweviver’ s excellent video:


It depends much on the quality of the 360 content.
I watched this 12K 360 video with my 5K+ and the YouTubeVR player and it was the best 360 video experience I ever had in VR. 4K is blurry, 8K is ok, 12K is amazing.


Yea 4K 360 is actually pretty bad in terms of quality, especially so up close as in a VR headset. It was kinda ok when we had headset displays that didn’t show much detail anyway (Vive etc.) but with the high res units like Pimax headsets this 4K is no way good enough anymore.

Even with my Pimax 4K the experiences were very limited. Only 8K and up came close to what you wanted.


If it’s not 3D there is no depth to it. Me and many other don’t quality 360 video as VR. Instead 360 3D or 180 3D yes.


I wouldnt say its the headset’s fault. Its the recorded content which looks so-so.

I tested an 8K 360 3D video on the XTAL at VRDays, it still looked so-so. We need something like 16K resolution 360 recordings to really make those videos look good on high resolution headsets.


How do I access youtube with my Pimax 4K?


Could you watch the 12K video referenced above on the 8K and the 5K+ and give an opinion on which looks sharper and shows more detail? A major use I have for my Pimax is to review high-res 360 videos and photos. That will go a long way to helping me decide between the 8K and 5K+. Thank you sir!


You should be able to use the YouTubeVR app on Steam.

You can also use the Steam Virtual Desktop app. Run Chrome on the virtual desktop and open the video you want to watch in YouTube. Then right click on the video and copy the URL. Then use the function in Virtual Desktop paste the URL intro the video window. It should play the video in VR.


OOh My Vr-Ninja is here…

180 videos will be good in vr at 8k resolution and 360 contents will be good at 16k resolution.

in my opinions vr industry still need some time…e.g. high quality contents, PC hardware,


Well the topic of the thread was how 360 videos look on the Pimax 5k+ and the Pimax 8k headsets so I gave feedback to this question. In general I try to find high quality content in 360 3D (like Felix & Paul Studio) or 180 3D first. With this specific video the missing depth does not matter as you see mainly vast landscapes that you would also not see in 3D in real life.


Do you guys think it would make sense to qualify the quality of 180-360 degress by ppd?

I’ve not watched any since the early cardboard days, but intuitively such a qualification would make considerably more sense, no?